How to Take Model Digitals?

How to Take Model Digitals?

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  1. What Are Modeling Digitals?
  2. Digitals Vs. Professional Photos?
  3. Can You Take Photos for a Modeling Portfolio on Your Phone?
  4. The Best Poses for Model Digitals.
  5. What to Wear for Model Digitals?
  6. How Do You Take Good Pictures of Yourself as a Model?

Digitals, also known as polaroids, are perhaps the most requested samples from clients before booking a model for a job – even if it’s just freelance work. Digitals can include a lot of poses and angles, but that’s essentially all there is to it. You should take them every 1-3 months or whenever your appearance changes (hair, weight, complexion, etc.). They're an essential tool for posting work, and the fresher they are, the better.

What Are Modeling Digitals?

Modeling Digitals or Polaroids are just simple photos of you in your natural self: 

  • no makeup;
  • no bright-colored clothing;
  • no editing;
  • and no filters. 

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It is an unretouched snapshot of a model as a blank canvas to show what the model looks like naturally. 

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Digitals Vs. Professional Photos?

Agencies need models to submit digitals either on an agency website or by email to see the model in its most real and natural form. This guarantees that they have the appearance and potential to book work without having to dress up. Agents and clients know the powerful effects that cosmetics, style, and picture editing can have. Therefore, they want to see what natural photos would look like without them.

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Can You Take Photos for a Modeling Portfolio on Your Phone?

Yes! You can use your phone to take photos for your modeling portfolio, but if you are not perfect at taking them, you should find a friend who is. Don't overthink things when capturing digital photos. Digitals can be taken with your phone; most are, so don't worry if you don't have a high-end camera. If you get them taken with a professional camera or by a photographer, be sure there is no post-production editing to your skin or lighting that might change your look.

Better still, get a tripod that is well adjustable for your to take headshots, waist level, and full body shots. 

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Finding good lighting is very essential. Professional phone images appear best when they are clean and basic. Keep the backdrop clutter-free, and pay attention to little details or anything that should not be in the frame. It's easy to say, "I'll retouch it later", but you'll be glad you took care of it right away rather than wasting time later.

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The Best Poses for Model Digitals

Most agencies will require that digital be shot in specified body angles, but if they do not, be sure to catch yourself in the following angles and that your hair is not hiding your face. Poses to take when taking your shots:

  • Headshot (Smiling versus non-smiling);
  • Profile shot (non-smiling);
  • 3/4 face-side shot with or without eyes looking into the camera;
  • Full body front-facing shot (smiling versus non-smiling).

The best poses for Model Digitals

Some agencies might not need a photo of you smiling, but commercials would want to see you smiling in at least one. It is good to have them just in case. It is suitable that you take some photos with your hair back or up to show the structure of your face and so some photos with your hair forward and down to show the hair. Having a full length, ¾ length, front, and side closeup. 

What to Wear for Model Digitals?

Many agencies will specify if they wish to see digitals in a swimsuit, regular clothing, or both. Wearing solid colors like black, blue, and gray. Avoid bright colors like neons. Also, stay away from patterned or branded clothing. 

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Depending on which the agency requests, a tank top with good-looking jeans should be your standard outfit or a two-piece solid-color swimsuit. You can capture the poses that the agency requests and include a bit of posing personality if it is allowed by the agency based on the samples they often showcase on their website.

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How Do You Take Good Pictures of Yourself as a Model?

  • Understand Lighting; knowing how to use lighting for your photos, you are almost good to go. The best type of lighting that should be used, especially if you are taking photos from home, is natural light to be able to light you for the full body shot evenly. Also, do not stay directly facing the sun to avoid squinting or getting a burn after the shot. You can also make use of a studio light with the help of a professional photographer. Working with a professional photographer, they can use focal length, which is way better for portraits, plus better quality. 
  • Background; you wouldn't want the background of your photos to look too busy, distracting your clients from seeing you as a canvas. Neither would you use one that matches your skin so you don't look like a camouflage. You should use a color that contrasts with your skin tone. You will want to find a solid wall and a clean floor.
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  • Good Photos; Images should be as clear as possible - they shouldn't be too blurry or dark since you will be using lighting. Also, keep your pose fairly simple. The point of digital cameras is that they can see your body, so you don't want to be at odd angles or poses that might distort your proportions.
  • Appearance; looking presentation is sure a good way to get an agent’s attention. Wearing an outfit that is complementary to your body depends on what the agency wants you to wear or wearing the basic model uniform. A fitted black tank top and black or dark blue skinny jeans and heels. Looking as minimal as possible, you should have your hair styled in a natural and properly styled manner. Wearing heavy makeup is a no-no. It should be very minimal to natural. Nail polish should be very neutral and non-distracting as well. 

How Do You Take Good Pictures of Yourself as a Model?

Digitals can be the biggest influence for or against you, so be sure to maintain a good body, complexion, and hair to be more marketable before you apply. To find opportunities, sign up at and start applying.

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