About allcasting?

allcasting is a casting network that connects talent and casting professionals. The one-stop destination for actors, models and performers to find casting calls and for casting professionals to find the right talent for their projects.

It's simple: We help performers get cast in the best projects for Movies, TV, and Fashion, and casting professionals to discover incredible talent with minimal effort!

allcasting's mission is to create a product that empowers entertainment professionals globally to achieve their dreams with powerful and easy to use tools that are intuitive, functional, pleasing to use, and are perfectly matched to the user needs.

allcasting was founded in 2004, and has been a legit part of the entertainment industry for nearly 20 years. We continue to grow rapidly and searching for new ways to introduce technology and innovative solutions that will change the entertainment industry forever. As of now, allcasting has nearly two million registered talents and hundreds of roles available.

"Our vision is to disrupt and revolutionize the entertainment industry. We will succeed by anticipating and fulfilling industry needs beyond their expectations. By creating a new-age product that answers the unique needs of the entertainment industry"

CEO of allcasting

Interesting facts

Most of our casting calls are paid

One of the highest-paid jobs published on allcasting was paying $15,500/project

Nearly 2 million active talent

On average, we add 90 new casting calls DAILY

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Talent success stories

Willie Wiggins Jr

In two weeks of joining allcasting.com, I've gotten six invites for auditions and picked up two jobs so far. One in which I just wrapped up with a LEAD-ROLE for a VH1-Tv true story documentary and another LEAD-ROLE for a film company that's flying me to Louisiana to start the filming of a major film. I have two more auditions lined up for next week! I should have joined allcasting.com years ago!

Shenee Moore

allcasting.com is the greatest…I am new to the industry and now have a photo shoot set up and a potential role in a short film. Thank you, allcasting.com, for offering a platform for these opportunities!! My dreams are finally coming true 🤩

Renee Sunshine

I was cast as a regular stand in for "Praise This", a major film coming soon by Will Packer/NBC universal and I have been offered multiple print modeling positions as well! I am super excited to see what else is in store for me through allcasting.com. I have received some scam offers too so please be mindful when giving out your information. Most of the scam ads have horrible spelling but some are ALMOST believable so just do your research. Good luck and God bless!

Casting directors success story

Julia Samersova,Cast Inc

allcasting has been so awesome in helping me find those diamonds in the rough that don't yet have agency representation! The team sends me very selective and well-edited submissions that are always on point and they are always on top of it!

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