How to cancel allcasting subscription?

You can cancel allcasting subscription at any time by using one of the 3 options:

How to cancel allcasting subscription online?

  1. Log in to with your username and password
  2. Go to "Account Settings"

  3. Choose "Subscription" under "Billing Information" and provide your password to access

  4. Click on "discontinue subscription"

  5. Enter your password to confirm

  6. Provide a reason for discontinuing your allcasting subscription, check that you understand the consequences of this action and click on the red "discontinue my subscription" button

  7. Once the subscription is canceled you'll see confirmation info and the last date of your subscription. You can still continue to use allcasting premium services until the last day of your subscription.

If you're experiencing problems with your subscriptions cancellation, please contact our support team.