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Casting Directors & Film Makers
From small production companies to HBO. Extras, speaking roles, stunt doubles and more. Whatever you're looking for, allcasting is here to deliver!
Nike, Calvin Klein and others have already found their new faces on allcasting. Explore our database of 2+ million talent and make your next campaign happen.
Modeling & Talent Agencies
Looking for newbies or industry veterans to walk the runway, do a trick or simply pose? NYFW and MMG are already booking talent with us!
Event & Marketing Agencies
Is your client looking for people to be at their event or for their newest advertising campaign? Look no further, our talent are ready to be cast by YOU!
Independent Creators
Need talent for your photography portfolio or a film? In our database you'll have thousands of options to make it happen.
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How can allcasting help you?
Allcasting is your magic box with the best talent ready to be seen in the easiest possible manner, offering the tools you need to keep the casting workflow organised, secure and easy to access.
2M+ talent database
We bring talent with the most exquisite skills, appearances, union or non-union, any ethnicity, location... you name it!
Virtual office
Our intuitive website will let you easily browse through the database, communicate with the talent directly, process your submissions and even invite the talent you like to your production.
Personal Manager
Our team of Personal Managers will assist you along the way and provide a high standard of service. From casting call posting to talent scouting for a project.
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How allcasting works
With allcasting, you can conveniently search for performers by browsing our extensive talent database. This makes the search process much simpler and more efficient, as you can quickly find performers who match your specific requirements and preferences.
1. Sign Up
Register as a Casting Director in a few clicks
2. Post a Casting Call
Post the job and wait for submissions to arrive
3. Shortlist Submissions
Browse the applicants and shortlist matching ones
4. Contact talent
Message the talent directly to request additional info
Our devoted team
Kate Taurina
Our devoted team
Just like a Michelin restaurant serves foods of the most extraordinary tastes, we bring talent with the most exquisite skills, appearances, union or non-union, represented by the agent or not represented, any ethnicity, location, hobbies... you name it!
Kate Taurina
Head of Casting Director Department
Personal Manager
Personal Manager
Personal Manager
Personal Manager
Frequently asked questions
What is allcasting?
allcasting is a talent network that connects actors, models, dancers, singers, voice-over artists, content creators and even influencers with casting professionals all around the US and Canada.
How can I create a Casting Director account?
To create a Casting Director account, please Sign Up here and fill out the necessary information.
Is it free to Post a Casting Call on allcasting?
Yes, it is absolutely free to post a Casting Call on allcasting.
How can I post a Casting Call?
To post a Casting Call simply log in to your Casting Director account and click the "Post a Casting Call" button on the top right corner of the website page and fill out all the necessary information about the role you are casting.
What type of Casting Calls can I post?
You can post a Casting Call that matches any of these categories: Acting, Modeling, Reality TV, Theater, Music Videos, Singing, Dancing, Promotional Models, Voice-Overs, Extras, Commercials, Content Creators, Influencers.
What type of talent allcasting has?
Allcasting network covers all types of talent: models, actors, dancers, singers, voice-over artists, content creators and even influencers.
How can I reach talent?
There are 3 ways to reach a talent on allcasting:
1. You can message talent via the message center in your Casting Director’s account
2. You can reach talent via phone or email address mentioned in the talent profile
3. You can invite talent directly to your casting call using the “Invite” feature in your Casting Director’s account
How can I qualify for a Personal Manager on allcasting?
Each registered Casting Director has a Personal Manager that can help with posting a Casting Call, finding the matching talent and answering any technical questions about the platform features.