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Seeks Soccer Players/Coach in CA For SELF x Migraines Shoot
MMG Model Management Group, Models/Actors
Looking For New Families For Paid Shoot
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Stars Talent Studio Open Call for SAG Auto Commercial
actingHotActingLos Angeles, CA, United StatesExpires on 6/7/2023Pays: $2000/Project
ONLY NY & Los Angeles LOCAL TALENT WILL BE CONSIDERED. The company is seeking a Latine female-identifying Soccer player or Coach who conquers migraines to stay on top of their game. See the details below. About the project: SELF is teaming up with Nurtec in their "My Way to Well" series to feature the inspiring story of a remarkable Latinx female-identifying soccer player or coach who fearlessly conquers migraines to stay at the top of her game, while also celebrating the deep-rooted connection between soccer and the Latinx community. Through interviews, previous footage, and sharp vignettes, we’ll explore her journey—from her early passion for the sport to the challenges she faced upon encountering migraines. She’ll share her personal strategies for managing migraines while competing at the highest level, all while highlighting the significance of soccer in the vibrant Latinx culture. Rate: $2,000 inclusive of shoot and usage. Additional info: Note this is a Non-SAG shoot. Usage: SELF's website and socials Shoot: 1 day 6/28-6/30 Time Commitment: 1 day If you are interested, please apply.
Seeks Soccer Players/Coach in CA For SELF x Migraines Shoot
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This site is amazing! I got cast to model for NYFW as well as an International Commercial. This is only the beginning of the rest of my career.

Nycki SaintTalent

Absolutely love the frequent posting! Plenty of opportunities for everyone. Got my first extra lead a week later. A OWN (Delihah) credit added to my portfolio.

Keila WilliamsTalent

Got an extra gig through this app. Check me out in "Irresistible" written and directed by Jon Stewart, starring Steve Carrell.

Christopher WalshTalent