What Do Producers Look for When Casting Reality Shows?

What Do Producers Look for When Casting Reality Shows?

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Back on 6th March, everyone's favorite Katie MacIntosh – a casting director, president, and owner of  Mac Worldwide, Inc, is interviewed by a reputable host, Kate Taurina. During this latest webinar,  she shared all the crucial tips and tricks regarding what producers look for when casting, why TV is a good start for your acting career, what to expect in Reality TV Contracts, and much more.

  1. About Katie MacIntosh
  2. What Do Producers Do on Reality Shows?
  3. Why Is Reality TV a Good Start for Your Acting Career?
  4. How to Present Yourself at an Audition for a Reality Show?
  5. What Are Reality Shows Looking For?
  6. Reality TV Contracts: What to Expect?
  7. How Do People Get Picked for Reality TV Shows?
  8. How Can You Increase Chances of Getting Into a Reality Show?

Before proceeding further, let's know a little more about Katie MacIntosh and her fantastic achievements!

About Katie MacIntosh

Katie MacIntosh has cast some of the most high-rated and popular reality programs, including Big  Brother, Bravo's, The Real Housewives of Orange County, and Life Below Zero.

Her other work has appeared on streamers and networks that include HGTV, History Channel,  Lifetime, OWN, TLC, E!, Discovery +, Disney +, FOX, NBC, and ABC. Her shows have been acknowledged and awarded by the Teen Choice Awards, Television Academy, C21/Frapa at  MIPCOM, and more.

Her experience in live television, as well as game shows and international projects, is just huge. Katie has gained a lot of knowledge under her belt with over a decade of experience. So don't you think she is the most suitable person to guide you through what producers look for in a talented person when casting?

So steal some pearls of knowledge from this Katie MacIntosh webinar if you want to get noticed by producers! 

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What Do Producers Do on Reality Shows?  

They start producing in casting because they are taking what you give them in your application, and through your zooms, they're writing your story. And they're really producing your story sort of through casting. But form your role or character by who you are. They don't try to mold you into that person. That's another thing. It's like they don't edit to make.

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If you're like an American girl, everybody loves you; they're not going to cut you in the edit to come off as something the opposite of that. A producer would have cast the opposite of that if he wanted that. But that's a big and legitimate fear for people. But know that you're cast because they like you how you are.

So they're not going to change your personality in an edit. By the way, there's no time to do it. And it just wouldn't happen. They want you because you're you. 

Why is Reality TV a Good Start for Your Acting Career?  

If you're going to want to be an actor or a theater actor, you have to have that foundation and background. If you get put on a show and you're magnetic, people love you and respond to you.  That's what people want to watch. So there are different formats and different shows. They can build a show around you.

So if you want to apply, just apply. Because maybe it's not that show, but it could be something bigger or different. It's a springboard to careers for so many people now. And many people are getting noticed in this way for future projects.

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How to Present Yourself at an Audition for a Reality Show? 

  1. Prepare your dialogues well. 
  2. Introduce yourself in the best possible way. 
  3. Always adopt the style of the character which you are going to present. 
  4. Be confident while presenting. 
  5. Don't try to hide your flaws. 
  6. Prepare yourself well according to the character and wear clothes accordingly.
  7. Be clear. 
  8. Be real. 

What are Reality Shows Looking For? 

Reality shows look for the right people - specific professions, skills, and sports. You don't have to have an education, like as an actor, but you can have the skill. And you can basically sell this skill to passing directors. So that's what you need to put on your profile. If you are going to apply to something and they're requesting a self-tape, do it. Always follow instructions.

Reality TV Contracts: What to Expect? 

So you're going to see this on any application you fill out, any legitimate application for any legitimate show out there. Everything is done online. For all the applications, you have a link, and usually, it'll be a PDF thing.

And then, at the end of that, you'll always be asked about your availability. You'll be asked some questions, and then you'll click a thing to get to the release, which is going to ask you for a lot of stuff. So be clear with all the things asked.

The other thing you'll be signing off on is that you can't be doing another show while you're being considered for that show. They'll say that you can't shoot stuff on set or whatever and put it on your social media. Most of the time, your self-tape is not on air. If there are things that you aren't sure what they mean, you must clear them.

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How Do People Get Picked for Reality TV Shows? 

A general rule of thumb is three times as many producers have to be on the show. So if there's a cast of 10, 30 are picked as options, but only good ones. Whatever the number is, producers send them over to the network or to the production company. Then they select the finalists after the semifinalists are flown out. That's how the most-suited talent is picked. 

How Can You Increase Chances of Getting Into a Reality Show? 

If you want to increase your chances of getting into a reality show, don't overlook this: 

  • Always send your current pictures. Make them reflect who you really are. ∙ Rehearse your character well. 
  • Always send clear videos of yours. 
  • Be real and organic across the board, but what you look like, what you do, and your chances are going to be much better. 
  • Be prepared for the questions to be asked. 
  • Try to write as many things as you can on your application but relevant ones.

People that write a lot on their applications, like stats, name, age, residence, and just some bullet points of their story and what they do, and why they would be good for the show, always stand out because those are the people that are never going to run out of something to say.

If you feel you can do this or want to do it, just try it. 

If you fit the age criteria of a producer, your chances of getting selected increase.  Remember, you are not well-suited for every character. So really know who you are and what you're a good fit for, and go for it.

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