How to Get Voiceover Work?

How to Get Voiceover Work?

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  1. How Hard Is It to Get Into Voiceover Work?
  2. Minimal Requirements to Get a Paid Voiceover Job.
  3. Where to Find Voiceover Casting Calls?
  4. How Do You Prepare Before a Voice-acting Audition?
  5. The Best Tips How to Get a Voice Acting Job.

The Voiceover industry is buzzing with many talents. Unfortunately, regardless of the talent(s) that these creatives possess, they are still at a disadvantage in where to find suitable work. This is not because there aren't sufficient opportunities out there but because most people don't know where to look. 

On top of this, some artists have a natural knack for the Voiceover niche, yet they may never get to begin their careers — talk more of having a successful one — simply because they don't know how to begin.

In an interview with Travis Vengroff, we discuss the challenges plaguing the newcomers of the Voiceover industry today. From his experience, Travis discusses how to break into the industry, where to find work, and much more.

About Travis Vengroff 

Travis Vengroff is the multi-award-winning producer and sound designer behind The White Vault, VAST Horizon, Dark Dice, and The Boar Knight. He is half of Fool & Scholar Productions, whose shows have garnered over 25 million downloads and won numerous awards, including a Webby and six Signal Awards. Vengroff is a full-time podcaster supported by fans of his shows through Patreon.

Multi-award-winning producer Travis Vengroff shares his know-how on the subject. He discusses, from personal experience, that it's best to start small and build little by little. He also recommends places where even beginners can find voiceover work, including X (Twitter), a Newsletter, an FB group, etc. 

How Difficult Is It to Break into Voiceover Work? 

The hardest part is auditioning. Artists typically make a million excuses as to why they don't want to submit an audition, from "I don't own a good enough microphone" to "I need more training." However, professionals regularly hire first-time actors who are not native English speakers, and these actors have gone on to win more than a few awards for acting over the years. There are billions of voices, and more than a few sound like you and are perhaps more talented. But they won't audition for every role. This is where your tenacity can pay off.

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Directors look for authenticity — or better yet — authenticity within a specific kind of voice. Anyone can "act," but the casting Director is looking for the Creative's ability to consistently maintain a character, even if that character is themselves.

Some jobs require a home studio and work for major game companies can be done out of a closet with nothing but a duvet over the head and using the mic for soundproofing.

Where Can You Find Voiceover Casting Calls?

There are different kinds of casting calls. For audio drama, some places to check out are:

  1. Fiction Podcast Weekly - a newsletter.
  2. Audio Drama Audition - A Facebook Group.
  3. AudioDrama - A subreddit
  4. Twitter is also a great place to find opportunities, especially in the indie video game community.

What Should You Do to Prepare for a Voice-acting Audition?

Auditioning for more roles is the best way to prepare for an audition. Every week, There are opportunities for every aspiring act, whether to audition as a troll, a parent, an older person, a soldier, or a scientist. If there is extra time, the actor should put together a demo reel of different voices (or a commercial reel - recording advertisements). This will get them more comfortable with being on the mic. The more they work with and edit their voice, the more they'll notice issues that editors and directors may see - such as being too close to the mic, not setting the proper levels, etc.

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Top Tips for Securing a Voice Acting Job

The biggest mistakes Artists make are not reading the instructions and reading everything way too fast. Nervousness often translates to speed for voice actors, so they should remember to breathe, take time, and deliberate creatively. Also, it is never a good idea to apply for roles where they aren't a fit, as this may come off as insulting to the casting director. If they ask for someone from Japan, the actor should not audition and say they once read about Japan in school. More than just the voice is being considered in an audition. How they present themselves is equally important.

Key Takeaways

Breaking into the Voiceover industry, for sure, has its challenges. However, learning from the experiences of other professionals can alleviate some of the burden that the beginner goes through. 

Beginner voiceover actors should also check out The platform allows them to create a full-service profile where they can upload audio reels to showcase their capabilities. They can also apply directly to casting calls and open gigs posted on the platform.

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