How to Become a Foot Model?

How to become a foot model

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  1. What Is Foot Modeling?
  2. Requirements for Being a Foot Model
  3. How to Become a Foot Model?
  4. How Much Do Foot Models Make?

Within the big world of modeling, there are parts models. And within this niche of parts modeling, there are foot models. 

These models use their feet to help market products for brands through photos and videos.

They are in all your favorite shoe and sandal commercials. They have well-structured feet that make it easy to imagine your feet in the same pair of shoes and sandals.

Do you think your feet are good enough to be on TV, or in a magazine? Read on to find out how you can be a foot model.

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What Is Foot Modeling?

Foot modeling is just like the more common form of modeling you are used to. The key difference, however, is that foot modeling only requires a part of your body — your feet.

Foot modeling falls under the category of parts modeling; this is when only a body part of the model is used for the gig. It can be hands, legs, lips, but for now, let's stick with feet.

Foot models generally help brands advertise feet-based products such as shoes, pedicures, foot managers, and so on.

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Requirements for Being a Foot Model

The number one and most obvious requirement to become a foot model is to have beautiful feet. So, when you look down at your feet, do you consider them beautiful? If yes, here are some other requirements you may need to meet before you can be 100% sure of a career in foot modeling:

  • Flawless feet: Nobody is perfect, but your feet should be. Or at least close to perfect. This means no scars, normal toe length, proper structure, even skin tone, no tattoos, and so on. The bottom line is your feet should be worth every penny you're going to get for it.
  • Flexible feet: Wiggle your toes, spread them out, and hold your feet in the air. Was this easy for you to do? If it was, then you have a great shot at building a career as a foot model. If not, practice exercises that will help you gain flexibility in your feet. This is because some roles may require that you keep your feet in unusual positions:
  • Enduring feet: Another requirement to be a foot model is having enduring feet. This means that your feet should be able to withstand different poses for a long period just to get that perfect shoot. This may sound painful but the more gigs you go to, the easier it gets.

Requirements for Being a Foot Model

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There you have it. The must-haves for you, an aspiring foot model. However, if you're struggling to meet one or more of the requirements, here are some tips that will help you out:

  • No engaging in dangerous activities that may harm your feet ( yes, even on leg day).
  • Take your pedicures seriously.
  • Care for your feet, but only use skincare products you know, trust, and/or have been recommended by an authentic source.
  • Exfoliate your skin now and then to remove dead skin and germs to balance your skin tone.
  • Exercise and eat a balanced diet to keep your feet healthy.
  • Watch videos and study pictures of foot models in action so you can practice the most common moves on your own.
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How to Become a Foot Model?

Now that you know who a foot model is and what you need to become one, here are some step-by-step instructions on how to kickstart your career:

  • Learn and practice as much as possible: It might be tempting to want to jump into this industry — feet first. We understand the excitement. However, it's best if you take time to study, examine the industry and learn from the best. This means you should check out jobs, and read opinions from the experts to let you know if this is right for you. A good first start is reading this blog post.
  • Build a portfolio: since you're only just starting,  it's best to show that you have the goods. This will make it easier to apply to agencies and casting calls. Hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your feet. Make sure to pose for the camera the same way you would if this was your first modeling gig because your success here may lead to many more
  • Sell yourself: To maximize your chances of success, you have to let a lot of people see you and what you do. Create accounts on multiple social media platforms where your audience might be, then post your professional pictures on the platform. If done right, you may end up building a large following and never have to apply for gigs because people that need your services will keep reaching out.
  • Reach out to agencies: This is also another way to sell yourself; reach out to modeling agencies and brands, tell them what you do, and show them how you do it; even if they do not require your services at the moment, they will reach out once they find gigs that you will be a perfect match for.
  • Apply to casting calls: This is a full-proof way to ensure that your career as a foot model is booked solid. Find casting calls on websites such as allcasting and apply to brands, companies, and agencies looking for foot models.

How to Become a Foot Model

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How Much Do Foot Models Make?

The national average for foot modeling is currently at $47,061 per year and an average of $23/hour

People who take on Foot modeling tend to do it as a side gig which makes it a well-paying role. However, the salary of a foot model can get as high as $113,500 per year.

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Foot modeling sounds like an exciting career, but it requires that you put in the work. You will need to dedicate time to research and build your craft. You also have to be intentional about your growth by applying for gigs you believe are perfect for you. 

Want to find foot modeling gigs fast and easy? Sign up to allcasting now to get started.

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