How to Become a Commercial Model?

How to Become a Commercial Model

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Participation in commercial projects as a model is a creative and interesting activity, which, moreover, can bring a good income. The shooting results always are a great addition to your modeling portfolio. How to become a popular and successful commercial model? What skills do you need to acquire to be persuasive to employers? Follow this little guide to start your modeling career.

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What Is a Commercial Model?

Promotion of goods and services on various advertising platforms such as TV, the Internet, billboards, and even packaging requires the creation of an original visual presentation of the products. Commercial models are used to demonstrate the offered goods or services, with photos being taken of the whole body or separate parts of it. The same model in different projects can play various roles depending on the project needs:

  • In one project, her face will be shown with a beautiful shining snow-white smile.
  • In the second, advertising backpacks, she will be photographed in half a turn.
  • In the third, only the wedding ring on her gentle hand will be in the frame.

The Requirements for Commercial Models

the requirements for commercial models

The first thing to do for a future model is to believe in herself and her future success. Unlike participating in fashion shows or modeling for leading fashion magazines, commercial advertising is not as demanding on the physical characteristics of the model - because the main goal of commerce is to sell goods. The main goal of such advertisements is to display the use of products in a natural way. For example, if a famous model participates in an advertisement for washing powders, hardly anyone will believe she does the washing herself. 

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When selecting models for advertising, agents usually focus on what type matches their target audience. Some requirements that might be important to pay attention to when applying to the commercial casting call:

  • Height - for female models, it's usually between 5 feet 6 inches and 5 feet 11 inches, and for males at least 5 feet 9 inches. However, if it's a project where only parts of the model will be shot - the height is not important.
  • Body type - it always depends on the project models are needed for. Brands can be looking for fit or plus-size models, and at the same time, they might need a model with disabilities for their commercial. 
  • Age - another factor that depends on the project and what goods will be advertised. As mentioned above, chosen models should be relatable to the products' target audience. 

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How to Become a Commercial Model: 5 Simple Steps

how to become a commercial model

To become a commercial model, you need to take a number of steps in the right direction. You might even need to collaborate with professional photographers, makeup artists and hairdressers to polish your portfolio. All these steps are important to land your first commercial model project. 

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1. Take Professional Headshots

Take some headshots with the help of a professional photographer or a friend. There are no strict requirements for them, but try to present yourself as naturally as possible. For commercial advertising it's important for the casting team to see the model is in her natural state.

2. Create a Portfolio

Create your modeling portfolio in which you will appear in different angles and various images. Photos should be stylish so that you have a commercial look on them. When creating a portfolio, it is better to turn to professional photographers:

  • They know how to work with models.
  • They know how to process photos in high quality
  • They might have previous experience with helping applicants start their modeling careers

3. Find Casting Calls

Start following casting announcements. To do this, it is best to check platforms that purposefully collect casting calls. One of the best platforms where to find casting calls for models is allcasting - here, you will also find educational information and tips for beginner models who want to become successful in the industry. 

4. Constantly Try Again and Again

When modeling for commercial advertising, you should not only work on your appearance, ability to strike beautiful poses and smile naturally. Patience and self-confidence are also very important skills. Rejections might be unpleasant, but you need to be prepared for competition in the modeling industry:

  • Rejection is not an assessment of you personally or your appearance. 
  • It's just a statement that you might not be matching the casting director's expectations for the particular project.
  • The more auditions you take part in, the more likely you are to find a project that will be the perfect match for you.
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5. Improve Yourself

To become a successful model, it is essential to perform well from the very first projects. When a model comes to shoot, there should not be a situation in which assistants begin to teach her to move, turn, and beautifully direct her eyes. All of this should already be in place. By attending workshops or modeling courses, you will develop professional skills that will increase your chances of getting cast. However, very often you can find gigs on allcasting where casting directors are fine with booking a model without any significant experience in the field. 

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How Much Do Commercial Models Get Paid?

The model's earnings largely depend on the type of company she's advertising for. The more respectable the brand and the more popular the model, the higher the earnings. On average, in the market, payment for the work of a model is calculated in accordance with the following rates:

  • $100 to $250 per hour on most standard projects.
  • If this is a small project with little funding, you need to expect a salary of $25 to $100 per hour of work.

In the modeling business, many aspirers try themselves, but only the most persistent and optimistic succeed. Let your energy and self-confidence be enough to conquer the highest peaks of a commercial model career!

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