How to Become a Plus-Size Model with No Experience?

How to Become a Plus-Size Model with No Experience

The pursuit of art, which also includes posing for photo projects, does not depend on the physique. Nowadays, any body type can succeed in the modeling industry. Recently more and more brands are casting plus-size models to manifest diversity and body positivity! How to be a successful plus size model and what it takes to launch your career? Start taking active steps in the right direction, and soon enough, you might pose for one of the high fashion houses.

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What Are Physical Parameters for a Plus-Size Model?

If you are a beginner plus size model with no experience, objectively evaluate your physical parameters to understand which advertising and fashion projects you can apply for.

What Size Is Labeled as a Plus Size

To understand whether a model can qualify for plus-size fashion shows and photo shoots, you just need to look at the size of the clothes you wear. If it meets size 12 or higher by American standards, the path to the modeling business from this aspect is open.

What Weight Is Considered Plus Size

Each country has its own traditions regarding what weight is considered normal and standard and which one is classified as extra weight. Therefore, in the global fashion industry, there is a variation from 161 to 205 lbs as frames for plus-size models. In particular, in the US, this threshold is 200 pounds.

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What Are the Requirements for Plus-Size Model?

Requirements for Plus-Size Model

It is not enough to get a good job in an interesting and profitable advertising project. It must be done so well and perfectly that it becomes the best recommendation for your next employer. And for this, it is important to develop the following skills:

  • The ability to focus. The photographer should be comfortable working with you. The model must be ready to remain motionless for a long time and sensitively respond to all requests.
  • Positive attitude. If a model radiates optimism and confidence, she will attract more people to her photos used in ads, magazines, and other placements. 
  • Good time management. Commercial projects do not last long, which means that the model might need to change location constantly. The ability to always arrive on time to prepare for filming is essential not only for productive teamwork - it also shows you as a well-organized person. 
  • Also, an indispensable feature of a model is the overall well-groomed appearance and attractiveness. A plus-size model needs to take care of herself. 

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Some are afraid that growth requirements can be very strict. How to be a model if you are shorter than the common standards? However, in reality, they are quite flexible. A lot depends on the area in which the model is going to work:

  • For commercial modeling, growth is not essential. It is essential to have charisma and confidence.
  • If you hope to get a job in the fashion industry, growth is much more significant here. You must be at least 5 feet 6 inches tall.
  • And if you aim even higher and apply for a job on the runway, here, the standards are quite strict: you need to be at least 5 feet, 9 inches tall.

Create a Modeling Portfolio

As a model participates in various projects, she adds stylish and convincing photographs to her portfolio. But for models with no experience, it's also significant to build a portfolio to find a job at a prestigious brand. Create an online portfolio that you can share when submitting casting applications. Please note that there must be photos that show you:

  • In full body.
  • Portrait.
  • A headshot.

Preferably photos should be taken in natural light, with minimal make-up and discreet clothing to give casting directors an idea of ​​your natural appearance.

Plus-Size Modeling Classes

Although there are people who can naturally transform and portray any emotion requested, it's always valuable to attend modeling classes to learn from professionals. They will thoroughly acquaint you with the details of the work of a plus-size model and suggest how to be most convincing during castings. There can be various forms of communication:

  • Modeling schools.
  • Masterclasses.
  • Individual coaching sessions.
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Evaluate your already formed skills and what you lack for confidence. For models with no experience, it is better to attend courses or modeling school. And if you already have some experience in this area, you can focus on practical master classes or take a few individual coaching sessions. 

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Improve Your Body and Skills

It is nearly impossible to significantly change the type of the body, but you can make it attractive through constant work on yourself:

  • Physical exercises will make the body energetic and firm.
  • Stretching exercises will make it more plastic.
  • Nail and hair care will keep you looking representable and increase your confidence.
  • If you develop acting and public speaking skills, you will be able to feel relaxed in any situation. Charisma and confidence are what delight viewers who look at stylish photos of plus-size models as they prove that there are no beauty standards everyone should follow - everyone can make it! 

How to Get a Job for a Plus-Size Model?

How to Get a Job for a Plus-Size Model

Having created your modeling portfolio, you will be able to apply for participation in castings. This is the most efficient way to find a job. You can submit your portfolio to various plus-size brands, but you'll be less likely to succeed.

Pay attention to Allcasting's casting network. Regular updates and a wide selection of casting calls allow the plus size model with no experience to choose which auditions to respond to and which not. This will make you feel more confident. Once you register and search for castings on, you will immediately feel that you have fallen into a close-knit family of the modeling industry, where professionals will not only give you job opportunities but will also help you to develop essential skills needed to succeed in the industry. With allcasting, you will learn the most important secrets on how to be a successful model.

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What Typical Salary Should Be Expected by a Plus-Size Model?

Modeling differs from a standard office job - it's creative, unpredictable, and contains both big wins and risks. 

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It is impossible to predict the exact salary of the plus-size model. It all depends on the model's past experience and the project she's cast for. However, the spread in salaries for models of large sizes is very large — from a little over $10,000 a year to almost $200,000. On average, the model earns almost $33,000 a year. It's always worth trying, even if you're with no experience.

Working as a model has a positive effect on all aspects of a woman's life: 

  • She begins to take care of herself more carefully.
  • She learns to move beautifully and confidently, and people enthusiastically begin to follow her.
  • The model starts to exude positivity and smile beautifully, and those around her instantly appreciate it.

Your confidence and attractiveness begin to bring into your life not only profitable projects but also other wonderful people. It's worth transforming your life and starting a career as a plus-size model.

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