Do actors really kiss?

Have you ever wondered if actors really kiss when they're acting? I'm sure all of us did. But how do actors kiss without falling for each other? Do married actors kiss? How much are actors getting paid for kissing scenes? Let's find out!

Casting CallDo actors and actresses really kiss on-screen?

First of all, yes, most of the time, the kisses are real. The only times when they're not are pretty easily noticeable. For example, when the camera angle changes so the face wouldn't be visible on the screen, or when the couple is only visible from the back, so they can be replaced with stunt doubles or only pretend that they are kissing.

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What technique will be used for kissing scenes?

Which technique will be used is usually decided by the director. Nonetheless, the actors may have some input based on their comfort level. Usually, the actors and actresses decide on what they will do before the stage. The kiss can be real if actors have nothing against it.

Some actors believe that only by performing real kisses would you be able to feel your role the best.

How do actors kiss when they are married?

How​ever, what effect does this have on real married couples? It is no secret that many celebrities had affairs with their co-stars after meeting on set. Spending months or sometimes even years pretending to be in love somehow grows into real feelings. However, some actors refuse to participate in such scenes to avoid this affecting their marriage and relationships. And this is where they are being replaced either by stunt doubles or camera tricks.

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So these boundaries must be discussed and stated by the actors from the beginning. For example, Chris Hemsworth used his real-life wife in a kissing scene in Thor: The Dark World instead of his co-star, Natalie Portman. On the other hand, Lewis Hemsworth, his brother, shared that he hated kissing scenes with his co-star Jennifer Lawrence during their acting in Hunger Games since she always pranked him by eating garlic or tuna fish beforehand. (here, you can add visuals of garlic and tuna).

How much do actors get paid for kissing scenes?

Understanding how actors get paid requires familiarizing yourself with Screen Actors' Guild (SAG). SAG is a labor union representing and covering actors from low-budget projects to blockbuster stars.
According to SAG, pay is determined based on hours and days spent on set, general obligations, and the importance of the actors' role in the film, which is then adjusted according to the production's budget. Moreover, some actors have their price range announced by their agents before filming.

The maximum pay for actors has no limit, meaning they can push higher-level offers if they wish.

So the overall reality of kissing scenes varies depending on the actor's comfortability.

Actors can refuse and be replaced with stunt doubles or negotiate the limits to which they are ready to go in terms of kissing.

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