How to Be a Model for Clothing Brands?

How to Be a Model for Clothing Brands

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Where does the road to the modeling business begin? At first, a timid dream is born, but if this is something to which you are ready to devote your strength and energy, it becomes more real every day. And one day, it will bring you to a point where you need to make practical steps to make it happen.

Anyone who dreams of becoming a Fashion model has probably read a lot of biographies of world-famous models and knows what steps they took toward fulfilling their dream. But each epoch has its own specifics, so the actions that 70s models took in the 20th century and the actions of modern models are somewhat different. What do you need to do to become a clothing model in 2023?

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What Are the Requirements to Be a Fashion Model?

The first thing a future model for a clothing brand should do is find if there are strict requirements for such a job.  Then, she needs to objectively evaluate her natural potential and understand what can be improved and how to be more successful in modeling. There are several basic requirements for models:

  • Appearance: for some projects, the height and weight of the model are important, while for others, they are not so fundamental. There are brands that produce plus-size clothes. However, here, the competition is higher because there are fewer of them. It's essential for the model for clothing lines to be self-confident with her looks to increase her potential to land the job. 
  • Skills: the ability to pose and smile beautifully and naturally. It's essential to be able to keep yourself at ease and interact with the team and other models in the frame. If you aim to be a fashion model, it's important to master the runway walk. 
  • Photogenic look - remember that beauty is subjective, and current beauty standards are being challenged all the time. What matters the most is the charm and energy you radiate. It will captivate the eye of the viewer right away. 
  • Willingness to work hard. Looking at the photos of models for clothing companies, it seems that they lead a very carefree lifestyle. However, modeling requires a lot of responsibility and hard work. Shooting can last for hours, but the model must look like it has just begun. Therefore, clothing brands, when hiring models, study their personal characteristics to understand how ready they are to devote themselves to work.
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How Tall Do You Have to Be a Model Clothing?

The modeling business has its standards. However, nowadays, businesses are giving more and more changes to non-standard models as well. 

If you're not going to participate in a fashion show but would prefer to be a clothing model for stores, there are no strict requirements. Clothing lines are looking to cast models of all sizes, ethnicities and ages to promote diversity. 

Types of Fashion Models

types of fashion models

Thanks to digitalization, fashion models have many possibilities to apply their talents. Find out how to become a model for each direction and choose the one that suits you best.


A modeling career on Instagram begins with hard work, which results in professional development and promotion of the model's page. Here are some rules to follow:  

  • Position yourself as a professional clothing model.
  • Create original images and post them on your page.
  • Work with a good photographer who can take professional photos and highlight your best features.
  • Regularly add to your collection of photos and videos.

Thanks to this, you will get a large subscriber base and the interest of clothing brands in cooperation with you.

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Online stores require models to showcase different kinds of clothing - skis, dresses, tracksuits, and more. Professionally done photos with a good model will increase sales. 
Pay attention to online clothing stores that use photos of fashion models- you can contact them directly by offering your portfolio.

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Companies (Brands)

To increase visibility, well-known brands often prefer long-term and exclusive collaborations with Brand Ambassadors. Model for a clothing brand right away represents what the company is advertising. How to be Brand Ambassador for a fashion brand?  Well-known companies are very serious about the selection of a model for clothing lines. When they need new faces, they announce castings. Therefore, to start working with leading brands, it is necessary to nail the audition. Even if they don’t choose you the first time, you will remain in their database, which will increase the chances of cooperation in the future.

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Create a Modeling Portfolio

The business card of any model is her portfolio. It's important to approach it seriously to show both your appearance and the ability to create images with a special atmosphere:

  • Photos will show your artistry and ability to pose and express emotions.
  • Headshots should showcase the features of your face and body in natural light. The main task of these pictures is to show your naturalness and suitability for clothing companies casting. 

Find Modeling Casting Calls

how to find casting calls for fashion models

Once a modeling portfolio has been created, you can start browsing casting calls and apply for those that interest you and match your portfolio.  It's enough to find trusted casting networks that regularly publish casting announcements. allcasting platform offers all kinds of casting calls, such as:

  • Clothing model for stores, runways, and photoshoots.
  • Actors for TV shows and feature films.
  • Participation in reality shows and competitions.
  • Brand ambassadors.
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On this platform, you'll find not only casting calls but also educational material on how to become a fashion model, how to apply to casting calls, and develop your modeling career in general. Register and browse castings on, and watch yourself become a legit part of the fashion industry!

Improve Your Modeling Skills

To become a high-class and sought-after model for clothing companies, it is not enough to have a beautiful appearance. You need to develop constantly. The more poses a clothing model can offer and the more emotional shades she can show on her face, the more diverse images she can create.

  • Therefore, if your decision to become a model is firm, it is better to attend modeling courses to learn the nuances of this profession.
  • Alternatively, you can work individually with a practicing model for a clothing brand who will teach you important techniques in gait and posture, head tilt, and facial expressions.
  • Also, follow fashion shows and notice the smallest details. They will replenish your set of skills if you easily succeed in the art of imitation.

Do You Get to Keep the Clothes Model?

If you work hard to become a fashion model and make the right career choices, brands will invite you more and more to be a part of their projects. You might even become one of their 
Brand Ambassadors. In most cases, clothes that the model for clothing lines demonstrates are left for stores. In case you become a brand ambassador, you might have a chance to keep the clothes. 

Your beauty can be put to great practical use in fashion. If you feel inspired by amazing outfits and the opportunity to transform, find out how to be a clothing model on an allcasting platform and start your wonderful journey into the modeling business.

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