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In a continued effort to make your allcasting experience stellar, our team has introduced a number of changes and features to the platform that will make your life easier and help you get cast. These latest updates revolve around making allcasting simpler to navigate, as well as enriching your profile with media sought after by casting directors.

Make your allcasting profile pop

Starting with the most important things first, here's what's new.

Supercharge Your Profile

Having a fantastic talent profile is one of the most important things for landing a gig. Everyone knows that. The allcasting team is hard at work on making sure you can customize your profile as much as possible and showcase your talents and abilities to interested casting directors. And we've rolled out some big updates in this area.

You can now add your slate, your demo reel, and your special skills to your profile.

Your Demo Reel

You can now upload your demo reel to your allcasting profile! A demo reel is a short compilation of your best work and it lets the casting director see what you look like on screen. A demo reel is an actor's business card and having a great demo reel skyrockets your chances of landing a gig, so make sure to add yours as soon as you can.

Your demo reel

For the actors that are still working on their reels, we've prepared a guide on how to make your demo reel perfect. Click the image below to read it and learn about what to include in your demo reel, how to format & present it, as well as what to do if you don't yet have the clips for your reel.

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Demo reels guide

Your Slate

You can't underestimate the power of a first impression. More often than not, the first impression a casting director will form about you will be from your slate - it's that short 4-5 second clip where you introduce yourself to the camera.

It's one of the only pieces of your profile where you're yourself, and a good slate helps answer “yes!” to the casting director's question - would I want to work with this person?

We have prepared an in-depth guide for how to make sure you ace your slate and how to add it to your profile. There's everything you need to know about slating, its importance, and industry best practices, so dig right in!


slating guide

Note: If you have any other relevant acting/modeling videos you may want to add to your profile (perhaps a second demo reel? A full theatre performance? You rocking the catwalk?) you can do so in the Media section under Youtube Videos.

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Your Special Skills

Your special skills can be the difference maker when casting directors are deciding who gets an audition invite. A movie about basketball and you're a semi-pro basketball player? You're a shoo-in! Make sure your special skills list is up to date by heading to your profile, selecting edit, and going to the “Skills” section.

Special skills help you stand out, open you to more opportunities, and showcase who you are as a person. Once again, we've prepared a thorough guide about the importance of special skills, what ones are most sought after by casting directors, and what to do if you don't have any.


Special skills guide

Making allcasting Easier to Use

One of allcasting's biggest strengths is how easy our platform is to use, and we're dedicated to ensuring a fantastic experience from your first contact with allcasting. With lots of quality-of-life updates happening behind the scenes, most updates blend in naturally without disrupting your allcasting experience.

Two updates, however, that you might have noticed are our fresh new homepage and the new layout.

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New Homepage has received a facelift. Removing all the superfluous and unneeded things, our philosophy was to be as clear, straight-to-the-point, and informative as possible. This new design immediately puts on display what allcasting is all about - casting calls, education, and success.

Got a friend that has the chops for ShowBiz? Share allcasting with them and journey to stardom together!

New Layout

Desktop users now have full control over their profile from the new sidebar, which contains easy access to the inbox, profile, account settings, and logout buttons.

new layout

On top of the improved user experience, this allows us room for expansion both in the new sidebar, as well as the top navigation bar for adding new features and important quick links. So keep your eyes peeled!

More Big Things are Coming Shortly

All of these updates and ongoing improvements are paving the way for a new feature that's coming shortly. It'll reward the most passionate and dedicated allcasting members. We won't go into detail, but let's just say it will help our members get more exposure.

For now, go upload a demo reel, update your special skills, and apply to the latest casting calls - and if you encounter any issues, don't hesitate to let allcasting's exceptional support team know and we'll fix it right away!

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Your Next Audition Awaits! Step into the Limelight and Land Your Perfect Role.
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