Wednesday Season 2 Auditions: How to Get Casting?

Wednesday Season 2 Auditions: How to Get Casting?

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  1. Does “Wednesday 2” Have Casting Calls?
  2. How Can You Get Cast in “Wednesday 2”?
  3. When Is “Wednesday 2” Coming Out?
  4. Are They Casting for Season 2 on Wednesday?
  5. Where Can You Find Casting Calls and Auditions for “Wednesday 2”?
  6. Who Is the Casting Director for “Wednesday Season 2”?
  7. Role Requirements for “Wednesday 2”.
  8. "Wednesday 2" — Official Trailer.
  9. Audition Tips for Landing a Role in “Wednesday 2”.

The spooky series is back for a second season. And, for bad (read as good) reason — the first season was a major disaster, in a good way. 

Wednesday season 1 was released on November 2022 by Netflix and since then has received high appraisal from fans and critics by becoming the second-most watched English language series on the platform — within two weeks!

The series received multiple nominations from The Primetime Emmy Awards and Golden Globe awards, among others. And now, it still is the 3rd most-watched series on Netflix, only behind Squid Games and Stranger Things. 

Does “Wednesday 2” Have Casting Calls?

Not yet. There has not been any official word on casting for the upcoming season — for now. 

However, it's safe to say that open casting calls will be made available to the public in the weeks before the release of the second season.

How Can You Get Cast in “Wednesday 2”?

Most talent will agree that getting cast in any project is not easy. It requires hard work, commitment, and talent to get there. This is even more so the case for major shows such as Wednesday Season 2. 

The creative needs to possess the skills listed above to get cast in the upcoming season. We will also be sharing, below, role requirements and some audition tips to help improve the chances of landing a role in the series.

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When Is “Wednesday 2” Coming Out?

There has been confirmation that the second season of the Wednesday series will be released in 2024. However, there has been no word on the exact date yet; some sources claim that the release date is likely going to be on Wednesday, November 27, 2024, since the first season was released on Wednesday, November 23, 2022. But remember, those are just rumors.

Are They Casting for Season 2 on Wednesday?

Yes and No. It is unlikely that major roles such as Wednesday, currently played by Jenna Ortega, will be recast. However, supporting roles and extras will be cast in the upcoming season. Here are some major roles that are already cast and are unlikely to change:

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones plays Wednesday's Mother, Morticia Addams.
  • Luis Guzman plays Wednesday's Father, Gomez Addams.
  • Joy Sunday plays her rival-turned-friend, Bianca Barclay, who is a Siren.
  • Emma Myers plays the role of Wednesday's Werewolf roommate and friend, Enid Sinclair.
  • Victor Dorobantu plays the role of "Thing", The Addams family's "Helping Hand."
  • Gwendoline Christie plays Larissa Weems, The principal of the Nevermore Academy.

From other sources of media on the Addams family franchise, here are some faces we haven't seen yet and expect that may be filled in the new season:

  • Pubert Addams,
  • Grandma,
  • Cousin Itt.

Where Can You Find Casting Calls and Auditions for “Wednesday 2”?

For now, many details about the production for the upcoming season are still under wraps — unfortunately, this includes details about casting calls and auditions. Nonetheless, here are some places the actor should keep an eye on so as not to miss the casting calls when posted:

  • Casting Platforms such as allcasting.
  • Social media fan pages, entertainment pages, and pages of the casting directors.
  • You can also find information on the official Netflix page.
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Who Is the Casting Director for “Wednesday Season 2”?

Florina Fernandes, Sophie Holland, and John Papaidera were the trio responsible for casting all eight episodes of Wednesday season 1. Individually, they have been on top of the casting process for some other notable TV shows, including The Witcher, You, We Were The Lucky Ones, 1923, and so much more. 

But don't let their impressive records intimidate you. Just like people auditioning, they are all human. And they know this. This is why John affirms that when casting, he "hopes actors feel like they have a space and a moment to share a bit of their soul." This means the actors need not worry about getting rejected but should focus on bringing their most authentic selves to the audition room.

Role Requirements for “Wednesday 2”

To get cast in Wednesday season 2, there are some basic criteria the actor must meet, some of which are:

  • Good knowledge of the Addams Family lore,
  • Availability to shoot at the scheduled times,
  • Meeting the physical requirements posted on the casting call,
  • Interest and passion for the overall project.

These general requirements may be expected from every actor who wants to get cast in the series. However, there may be more specific requirements on the casting call.

"Wednesday 2" — Official Trailer

The official trailer for the upcoming second season of Wednesday has not been released for now. However, you can watch the video of Jenna Ortega, Joy Sunday, Emma Myers, and Hunter Doohan confirming the latest season here

You can also check out the official announcement made on January 6, 2023, on the series' official X account here. So, while there may not be a trailer yet, we can expect one pretty soon. 

Audition Tips for Landing a Role in “Wednesday 2”

  • Bring yourself to the performance: As we mentioned above, casting directors are more interested in seeing actors who share their authentic selves. It might be tempting to go over the top in trying to create a lasting impression for the Casting Directors and prove your love for the Wednesday series. Yet, the irony is that the more authentic you are, the more memorable you become.
  • Learn more about the Addams Family: You must already have known that the "Wednesday" series is based on the 1938 creation by Charles Addams and is not an entirely original idea. While the Netflix adaptation seeks to explore the adventures of Wednesday Addams as a high school teen in Nevermore Academy, it isn't a standalone creation. Thus, the actor should familiarize themselves with this spooky franchise to expand their knowledge of the series. 
  • Find a niche and stick to it: The actor may be tempted to showcase all their diverse talent at the audition. However, it's good to find one aspect that they are particularly good at and present it at the audition. It's even better if it matches the role the casting team is looking for.
  • Upskill: Since the casting calls aren't out yet for Wednesday, season 2, this leaves plenty of room for the hopefuls to practice and build their skills as much as they are able. 

Remember, sign up to to find the latest casting calls, information, and tips on the upcoming season of the Wednesday series.

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