Quiz: Should I Be An Actor?

Quiz "Should I Be an Actor?"

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Acting is a life-changing career that requires a lot of dedication, talent, and passion. It's the career that opens doors, rewards excellence, and provides endless growth opportunities. If this career takes your breath away, you might wonder whether you should pursue it.

To determine whether you could be good at acting, we have created this fun quiz, so feel free to answer these questions below. The scoring grid is at the bottom of the page.

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Count Your Results on the "Should I Be an Actor" Quiz

Possible answers to each question: 

  • yes. Each YES gives you 10 points,
  • no. Each NO gives you 0 points, 
  • so-so. Each SO-SO give you 5 points.
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Quiz Questions "Should I Be an Actor?"

  1. Is it hard to get you nervous? 
  2. Do you like art? 
  3. Are you creative? 
  4. Are you good at using your imagination? 
  5. Are you empathetic?
  6. Would you say you have lots of energy? 
  7. Would you say you are an emotional person?
  8. Are you committed to following your goals?
  9. Do you like learning new things? 
  10. Are you good at expressing your feelings?
  11. Do you take criticism well?
  12. Do you like learning new things? 
  13. Are you good at memorizing things?
  14. Do you like to be in front of the camera/stage?
  15. Do you like to travel?
  16. Do you like meeting new people?

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"IT'S YOUR DESTINY" (scored 100-150)

Acting is something 100% you are destined for! You're confident, active, and love to learn and explore, which makes you a fantastic candidate for an A-list star. We see your bright future on the BIG screens and billboards. Go for it! 

"WORK HARD, PLAY HARD" (scored 80-100).

You are for sure a good match for acting, especially if you put your mind and work into it! Don't stress over anything, and remember that consistency is key. By consistency, we mean practice! Practice your skills, memory, and emotions, and you will be on top of any audition.

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"NO HARM IN TRYING" (scored 40-80). 

Your quiz score shows that you have the potential to pursue acting. However, there's a long way to learn ahead of you. Dedicate more time to watching actors' performances online and offline, like visiting the theater, re-watching your fave movies, and so on. Try to analyze their work and listen to your heart. 


Acting requires a lot of self-discipline, confidence, and imagination. Only by possessing these features will you find it easy to learn and act. Right now, we don't see that you are a great fit.

BUT! No time to be sad; the world is yours and full of opportunities — find something that inspires you the most and do everything you can to reach it! Choose your destiny and make it work if you wish for it. You will do great.

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So now when you know that acting should be a part of your life, we recommend wasting no time and getting into it. Start by creating your online portfolio at allcasting.com in two clicks and go ahead and apply for all the right casting calls (most don't require any previous experience at all). Oh wow, we can already see it! 

*Quiz results are just for fun and entertainment purposes only; don't take it too seriously.

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