How to Create a Modeling Portfolio?

How to Create a Modeling Portfolio?

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Creating a modeling portfolio is an important step toward building a successful modeling career. Your modeling portfolio is a collection of all your best photos as well as relevant experience and skills aimed at helping you land modeling gigs. Learn how to create a modeling portfolio and the steps on how to do so in this article. Let’s dive in. 

  1. What should be included in a modeling portfolio?
  2. How many photos do you need for a modeling portfolio?
  3. What does a modeling portfolio look like?
  4. How much does a modeling portfolio cost?
  5. A simple guide on how to create a modeling portfolio
  6. Where do you use the model portfolio?

What should be included in a modeling portfolio?

It is important to note that the specific contents of a modeling portfolio may vary depending on the model's career goals and the type of modeling they are interested in. Here are a few general requirements;

  • Headshots: This is a photo of your face and upper body, with minimal to no makeup and simple clothing, to showcase your facial features and structures.
  • Full-length shots: This is a photograph of your entire body to showcase your body type, physique, and proportions.
  • Black and white shots: showing your artistry in fashion using intense emotions and poses.
  • Editorial shots: These are fashion or lifestyle photographs that showcase your ability to express a story or an emotion. 
  • Location shot: most of your photos will be taken in a studio setting, but it will be to your advantage to have a shot of you in a spontaneous location.  
  • Commercial shots/high fashion: These photographs are taken to show your ability to promote a product, commercial or high-end service, couture, or designer clothing.
  • Swimwear or lingerie shots: These shots are taken to show how well you are able to model semi-nude clothing such as swimwear or lingerie. 
  • Acting shots: These are photographs that show your ability to convey different emotions or characters through facial expressions and body language.
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  • Resume: your resume should include your contact information, measurements, experience, education, and special skills such as language proficiency, dance, or sports.

What Shots You Should Include In Your Modeling Portfolio?

How many photos do you need for a modeling portfolio?

First, you have to note that quality is better than quantity. While you should have at least ten photos in your portfolio, you should also make sure that they are all high value. 10 high-quality photos are much better than 100 average-looking photos. So, be really scrutinous. It’s okay if not all your photos make the cut. 

Yet, if you want a specific figure to adhere to, it’s better to be in the range of 10-20.

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What does a modeling portfolio look like?

Here are some examples of what a modeling portfolio can look like:

  • Physical Portfolio Book: is a collection of printed photos, typically 8 by 10 inches in size, presented in a binder or album. Each photo is usually covered by a clear plastic sleeve. The book can be customized with the model's name and contact information on the cover.
  • Online Portfolio: An online portfolio is a collection of digital photos that are uploaded to a website or social media platform. You can customize the website or profile with your name and contact information and may include a bio, resume, and links to other social media accounts.
  • Composite Card: also known as a comp card, it is a printed card that features your headshot on one side and a selection of your best photos on the other side. The card also includes your name, contact information, and measurements. Composite cards are commonly used by agencies to showcase their models. 

How much does a modeling portfolio cost?

The cost of a modeling portfolio can vary from the photographer to hair, makeup, and clothing. A modeling portfolio can cost anywhere between $500 and $2,000 or more. Another factor that might affect the cost includes whether you’re interested in making a physical book or going digital. As an aspiring model, you should not spend more than $700 to start your portfolio. 

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A simple guide on how to create a modeling portfolio 

Here are tips to help start landing modeling jobs:

  • What type of model do you want to be?;  if you are trying to decide what kind of modeling you want to go to, you have to be honest with yourself. Question your chances of getting that role considering your physique, skill set, and the path you want to go with your career and compare it to the type of modeling opportunities available. 
  • Find the best photographer for you; find a good photographer that can take amazing shots and knows your style, but if you already have one, that's great. Make sure the photographer has good working websites, reviews, and credentials to be safe. You can check online for legitimate professional photographers.
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  • Make-up, hair, and clothes; some photographers come with their own hair and makeup artists they like to work with. If you can, ask the photographer for recommendations on a good makeup artist; he most likely will have people he or she has worked with and understands the look you are going for in your shoot. If money is a concern, consider getting a local beauty salon for more budget-friendly options.
  • Choose the right poses; Practice your poses in front of a mirror or with a friend. Consider a variety of poses, including standing, sitting, and lying down. Make sure to highlight your best features and angles. You can watch fashion shows or go through fashion magazines; 
  • Edit and organize your modeling portfolio; compile your selected images in a portfolio book or online portfolio. Include your name, measurements, and contact information. Keep your portfolio up-to-date by regularly adding new images and removing outdated ones. This will show potential clients and agencies that you are actively working on your modeling career.
  • Get feedback; after a period of time, it is appropriate to reach out to the company and ask for feedback which can remind them of you. Some might look into you immediately, and some will outrightly say no to you but do not fret as you are building strength against constructive criticism.

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Where do you use your modeling portfolio?

  • Agencies: you can use your portfolios to approach and submit applications to modeling agencies. A well-curated portfolio can help you stand out and get signed with reputable agencies.
  • Online Profiles: you can create a social media profile or apply to a modeling platform to showcase your portfolios to a wider audience.
  • Casting Calls: When attending casting calls or auditions, models are often required to bring their portfolios to present to casting directors or clients. 

What comes next after you’ve whipped together a stunning modeling portfolio is using it to get a gig. Sign up to now to get started.

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