How to Model for Target?

How to Model for Target?

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With almost 2000 locations in America, Target is one of the top ten biggest retail stores in the United States. It is a highly popular store known across America and other countries across the world.

  1. Requirements For Becoming A Target Model.
  2. How Much Does a Target Model Make?
  3. Where to Find Casting Calls for Target Models?

Working as a model at Target doesn't just mean your face is in hundreds of stores and a million eyes see you every day. It also means your career as a model is solidified. 

Yet, before the glitz and glamor, you have to go through a thorough screening to apply there. 

Requirements For Becoming A Target  Model

Modeling is a tough space that needs hard work and commitment. Modeling employment, particularly with popular brands, can be difficult to come by. To become a professional model, you must first understand the job's requirements. For a place like Target, here are a few things you need to look out for.


Target works with models of all ages, so you don't have to be a specific age to model for them. One of the things that sets them apart from competitors is the variety of their models. Target's campaigns will feature everyone from kids to senior adults, small models to plus size models. For the purpose of expansion, using age demographics can help reach more people in a specific age group. Utilizing a specific age demographic that shares a cultural experience, values, or attitudes that can help you connect with your target audience. You can use these ideas to show your product or service fits their needs and lifestyles.

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Experience and skills

Just like any other model, you need to have enough knowledge about how to model. Active listening and concentration, patience in stressful situations, learning how to work with other people, and knowing how to make enticing poses are just as important as walking on the runway. You need to acknowledge the strength and beauty of your own body. Take photos good enough to be attached to a portfolio. Tagging Target and other big or small brands of your photos to build an online presence is a great idea if you are just starting or even already in the industry. Modeling is competitive, and it will require you to bring on your A game, knowing you will be on your way to the limelight. Participating in smaller modeling gigs will help build your confidence and provide a way to grow connections. Your camera friendliness should also be top-notch. 

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The perfect body for being a Target Model

Target has been making waves for its concept of body positivity. Not only have they incorporated different sizes of mannequins they do the same with real-life humans too. Target’s love runs deep on all body sizes. There is no ideal body shape. This only depends on the type of modeling you want to venture into. Whether you are skinny, slim, a plus size, or a figure eight, you will be able to apply to model for them. 

Practice Smiling 

This is an important part of a Target photoshoot. You should try practicing different types of smiles, like a soft smile, a full smile, and a laughing smile. When shooting, you might be asked to do all three. You'll need to be able to smile for a long time, so working those muscles beforehand will be good.

Requirements For Becoming A Target  Model

Education and Training

Although you may not need the formal qualifications to move on with your career as a model, it is important that you have good knowledge of modeling and how to progress in it. Going to a trusted modeling school can increase your chances of working with brands like Target because they will be on the lookout for a somewhat experienced model. If you are nowhere close to a modeling school, you can learn online and learn to take really good photos and poses by yourself or with the help of a professional photographer to build an attractive online portfolio. Take a chance at doing free jobs for a start in your local area too. 

Prepare for Rejection

Being a professional model is a usual balance of some glamor and a lot of rejection. Having to sit in a room with hundreds of other models for hours and probably not get a callback time after time can really affect one’s self-esteem. Learning to live with rejection usually makes it easier to bear. It comes as a form of character-building for some because it requires you to be tough. 

How much does a target model make?

Models that work for Target are paid on a daily basis. They are paid a daily rate of about $100 to $400, according to ngmmodeling. Which is usually around $60,000 a year. More experienced models who work on daily rates are usually paid higher than first-timers and may demand more pay of up to $100,000 a year.

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Where to find Casting Calls for Target Models? 

If you want to be a model at Target, you know how necessary it is to keep up with casting calls and auditions. After all, finding that big job is often simply a thing of being in the right place at the right time. So, below is a great website to sign up for casting calls and auditions so you can further your career.

Where to find Casting Calls for Target Models?

Casting calls for brands as big as Target can be found through connections, referrals, and even agencies.

Yet, a more suitable option — especially for beginner models — is through casting platforms like Here, big brands have been known to post casting calls. This is the best source you will find, with millions of website visits. This is why so many people rely on allcasting to discover their own big break. At allcasting, where you discover not only Target casting calls but also other large brand casting calls for models like Nike, creators, and acting roles.

Now that you know what it takes to model for Target, landing a modeling gig here should be an easy peasy lemon squeeze, right? 

Sign up at now to find casting calls from brands like Target.

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