How to Audition for Hallmark Movies?

How to Audition for Hallmark Movies?

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  1. How to Audition for Hallmark Movies?
  2. What Does Hallmark Look for In Actors?
  3. Requirements for Becoming a Hallmark Actor.
  4. How Do I Become a Hallmark Actor?
  5. How Much Do Hallmark Movie Actors Make?
  6. How Do Casting Directors Pick Actors for Hallmark Movies?
  7. Tips for Becoming a Hallmark Actor.
  8. Where to Find Hallmark Casting Calls?

Hallmark movies are movies broadcast on the Hallmark channel and are widely known for alluring and predictable romantic comedies.

Their movies are powered by positivity, faith, and family orientation. They are deeply rooted in celebrating seasons, holidays, and life's special moments(big and small).

The brand not only commands some of the highest ratings on entertainment cable but is also noted for its positive and warm working atmosphere.

How to Audition for Hallmark Movies?

With all mentioned above, it's no surprise that many actors and actresses want to be affiliated with the brand; luckily, the audition process is seamless and straightforward.

Here is how to audition for the Hallmark movies:

  1. Look for audition notices. Search for casting calls, openings, and auditions for roles suitable for you. Having a talent agent is best if you want to go for a major role. Just like other SAG casting calls, 99% of the auditions or casting calls are only seen by their talent agents, who then submit their actors for consideration. However, if you need an agent or want a minor role, you can search for casting calls on social media and legit casting websites such as
  2. Submit your application. Submit your application on the website or through your agent to be considered for an audition.
  3. Audition. Then, when you are invited for the physical audition, ensure to go with your portfolio ready for the casting director and fully prepared.
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What Does Hallmark Look for In Actors?

Hallmark can be delicate in selecting actors to feature in their films, and for a good reason, too — this is, after all, how they have been able to build their brand. Here are some things they look for in prospective Actors:

  • Image and screen presence: They look out for the actors' image and screen presence.
  • Chemistry: They look out for chemistry and compatibility between actors, especially between the lead actors.
  • Authenticity: They seek relatable actors and actresses with whom the audience can connect. 
  • Reputation: The Hallmark brand is known for its positivity and intends to keep it that way. They look out for past scandals and blemished reputations. They also look out for past successful series of the actor or actress. 

Requirements for Becoming a Hallmark Actor

As with many professions, you must meet specific criteria before becoming a qualified practitioner. It is the same for Hallmark Actors. Here are some must-haves for you to begin a career in Hallmark acting:

  • Hair. It's a family-oriented brand, so preferably clean cut for actors and long hair for actresses. Basically nothing edgy. 
  • Makeup. Also, nothing bright or heavy. Preferably clean, natural, and perky.
  • Height. Each movie and role is different; the height best suited for one role or movie may not be right for other projects. So it depends on the role and movie.
  • Bust. This also depends on the part and the movie. 
  • Skills. They look out for skills such as:
    • Memorization: Remembering lines and stage directions.
    • Creativity: Developing characters conveying emotion.
    • Reading: Understanding and interpreting scripts.
    • Speaking: Projection and pronunciation for the audience.
    • Teamwork: Working closely with cast and crew for a production.
    • Improvisation: Problem-solving when something goes wrong, adjusting to different situations.
    • Commitment: Seeing a project through, persisting through rejection.
    • Physical stamina: Working long hours, acting out high-energy scenes.
    • Authenticity and chemistry: Look out for actors who can stay connected to other actors and bring themselves through the role.

Requirements for Becoming a Hallmark Actor

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How Do I Become a Hallmark Actor?

It is not uncommon for every young actor to want to star in a film by Hallmark. This is because it can be a career launcher, further catapulting them to greater heights and, to some, their peak achievement. 

If you also want to star in a Hallmark movie, you can either be an extra or lead. Here's what you should know:

  • Hallmark Extra: Becoming an extra is much simpler than becoming a lead actor. All you need is a recent headshot, and that alone will enable you to apply for gigs. Though an acting résumé with any background work you've done can help you land a role. "What we're looking for in a submission is a picture that represents yourself," says Grant Wilfley of Grant Wilfley Casting, which handles most background acting work in New York.
  • Hallmark Lead Roles: The Casting Executive in charge, who also cast the lead actors herself, revealed in an interview that they generally cast the leads from the film or have some knowledge or relationship with them. However, you can land a lead role by connecting with casting directors, standing for the project, and empowering others. 

How Much Do Hallmark Movie Actors Make?

Like other film actors and actresses, Hallmark actors also earn good wages.

They get paid between the range of $400 to $1200 per day, and to complete a Hallmark movie takes about 14 to 20 days, so they get around $5,600 to $24,000 per movie.

How Do Casting Directors Pick Actors for Hallmark Movies?

Often, casting directors will pick actors for Hallmark Films based on diversity and other qualities, which include:

  • Chemistry with other actors on screen.
  • Ability to express emotions clearly.
  • Prior experience in working with or in Hallmark films.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Ability to stick with budget plans.
  • Professionalism and positive attitude.
  • Flexibility to take on multiple responsibilities and roles.

Tips for Becoming a Hallmark Actor

  • Location: Your location matters; most of their projects are shot in Canada, requiring them to hire a certain percentage of the cast from Canada. They also cast out of NY and LA. So it would be suitable if you lived in any of these locations.
  • Make connections: Build connections with Hallmark actors, producers, casting directors, and the crew. Don't forget to promote yourself shamelessly.
  • Be prepared: Do extensive research about the production and the casting directors so you can know what to expect. And regularly practice your monologue or scene that you are to perform for the audition. 
  • Be authentic: Just be yourself; they seek authentic and relatable actors and actresses who can connect with the audience.

Where to Find Hallmark Casting Calls?

You can find casting calls through your agent and several casting websites such as

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