How to Make a Comp Card for a Model?

How to Make a Comp Card for a Model?

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  1. What Is a Comp Card?
  2. What Is a Comp Card Used For?
  3. Model Comp Card Examples.
  4. What Is the Size of a Comp Card for Models?
  5. Where to Find Model Comp Card Template?
  6. Best Tips on How to Make a Composite Card?

When you are new in the modeling industry, employers may have requested to see your comp card at one point. 

Comp cards are used to make a lasting impression in order for you to stand out during selection. Keep reading this to know how to make one and what it contains. 

What Is a Comp Card?

A composite card (also known as a Zed card) is a business card for models or performers. It is a marketing tool that models use to help apply for jobs.

It usually includes a headshot, a full-length photo, and a summary of your important statistics, such as age, height, weight, clothing sizes, and other measures.

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A comp card gives a potential customer or client an outline of yourself and what you have to offer.

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What Is a Comp Card Used For?

Although comp cards are widely used by models, it can be applied to different aspects of the entertainment industry. Here are a few:

  • Castings and Auditions: when you go for casting calls or auditions, you must provide a comp card to the casting director, agent, or client. The comp card gives an easy-to-understand rundown of your physical appearance, dimensions, and variety of appearances.
  • Promotional aid: Models and actresses might benefit from comp cards as a promotional tool. These cards can be distributed to industry professionals, left at relevant sites such as modeling agencies, talent agencies, and casting offices or distributed at networking events.
  • Agency Representation: Models and performers typically use comp cards to obtain agency representation. These businesses make use of the comp cards to showcase their ability to potential clients, including casting directors, fashion designers, photographers, and advertising agencies.
  • Portfolio add-on: Comp cards are a shorter form of a model's or actor's portfolio. They show a number of photos that focus on various appearances, styles, and expressions. It allows clients and industry professionals to analyze your ability to adjust and qualify for certain tasks in a timely manner.
  • Reference; when a client or an agent is looking to hire for a project, they can use your comp cards to compare with others, using your experience, physical features, and size.

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Model Comp Card Examples

A comp card comes like a single card or a small booklet, and it contains the following:

  • Photos, here, should contain a range of headshots that showcases your facial features and expression, and personality. Take the photos in natural light to highlight your qualities. Also, taking shots of your full body doing different activities and taking different poses. You are in a swimsuit, form-fitting clothes, and a commercial shot. 
  • Physical attributes; Including your height, weight, eye and hair color, measurements(such as bust, waist, hip), and shoe size to be sure that you are a good fit for the agency or client. 
  • Name and contact information; this simply includes your name, city, residence, social media, phone number, or email. If you work with an agency, you can add their information as well.  

Model Comp Card Examples

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What Is the Size of a Comp Card for Models?

A typical Comp card is printed on both sides with 8.5 by 5.5 inches, equal to 216mm by 140mm. 

This site is quite comfortable because it can be easily carried around and can fit well in a portfolio. Some agencies might request a particular dimension. So it is advisable to check with the agency the proportion they would prefer to get.

Where to Find Model Comp Card Template?

There are several ways you can get templates online, like Canvas, Zazzle, pratique, or sedcard24. A comp card usually costs around $100. You can also choose to hire a professional to do cleaner work which may charge you more fee. 

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Best Tips on How to Make a Composite Card?

  •  Pick good photos; a photograph of your face and upper body with little to no makeup to highlight your features and structures. Full-length shots of images of your full body in plain clothing that highlights your body type, shape, and proportions.
  • Design the comp card; if you want to create the comp card designs yourself, your comp card's format should go like this: 
    • Size: 8.5" x 5.5" on A5 cardboard (the card may be horizontal or vertical, which feels most natural to you and lets your photographs stand out).
    • The exterior of the card: Include your finest natural headshot alongside your name in a clear, easy-to-read typeface, for example, Times New Roman or Arial, in size from 12 to 14.
    • Back of card: Include a range of photos showing your skills, expertise, and the sort of employment you are looking for, as well as your personal information and contact information
  •  Print the cards; Use websites like Headshots2Go, PrintPlace, and NextDayFlyers to have business cards made and delivered to you, or print them yourself on A5 material. Around 100 comp cards would be a nice place to start. If you employ a comp card designer, they'll probably take care of printing the cards. Keep in mind that actual comp cards are double-sided, with your name and a large photo on the front and smaller images, information about you, and your contact information on the other side. 
  •  Post your comp card online; Having a physical print of your comp is good, but also having a soft copy you share to reach a wider audience is even better. The only difference between the physical comp card and the online comp card is that your photos, name, and contact information are placed side by side, unlike the physical one, which is front and back. Post your online comp cards on your professional modeling site and social media to gain more attention. 

When looking to post your comp card online, you should look for a legitimate site that will help you reach a wider audience. Sign up to and upload your comp card now for more opportunities.

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