How to Become a Senior Model?

How to Become a Senior Model?

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  1. What Is a Mature Model?
  2. Modeling Types for Mature Models.
  3. Is There a Demand for Senior Models?
  4. How to Be a 50-year-old Model?
  5. Is it Difficult to Be a Senior Model?
  6. What Are the Requirements to Be a Senior Model?
  7. How to Find Modeling Casting Calls for Senior Models?
  8. Famous Senior Female Models.

What Is a Mature Model?  

Ever heard the saying, “Age is just a number”? When it comes to modeling, that couldn't be truer. 

Mature modeling, or senior modeling, is a type of modeling that specifically targets those aged 50 and over. As our population ages, so makes the demand for senior models, and brands are taking notice. After all, why limit themselves to younger models when they could showcase the beauty and vitality of an older generation? In this article, we'll give you the inside scoop on senior modeling and show you how to get started on your modeling journey, no matter your age.

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Modeling Types for Mature Models

  • Fashion Mature Model: This is one of the most popular kinds of modeling. It includes you going on runways while posing in different types of clothing, including the newest designer releases. Fashion models can also work in print or digital media. 
  • Senior Print Models: Here, you model for companies and brands that want to market a product or service in print. Magazines, billboards, or signs are one of the most popular places you find them.
  • Mature Commercial Models: These types of models are usually found in the advertising sector. They are hired to market clothing on television or digital ads. They give this role by sending out modeling casting calls.
  • Plus-Size Senior Model: Starting from a size 12, these models work with companies that specialize in products for plus-size people.
  • Senior Fitness Model: You can position yourself as a recreational or professional athlete. If you have the right physique, you are going to be an eye-catcher in sports commercials.

Types of Senior Models

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Is There a Demand for Senior Models?

Yes, there have been several sorts of senior models in demand recently. You can come as an energetic athletic senior, a medical patient, a kind and cheery grandfather or grandmother, or even an ethnic senior. Because the media does not only target young people, there are several choices. They also want models who appear authentic to the audience.

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How to Be a 50-year-old Model?

Becoming a model at 50 is possible, and here is a breakdown of the process in steps:

  1. Build a portfolio: Create a professional modeling work and experience portfolio. This should include professional photos of yourself, headshots, and full-body shots. Make sure to choose pictures that showcase your features and highlight your strengths.
  2. Find an agency: Look for agencies that specialize in models over 50. These agencies can help you find modeling gigs and connect you with clients who are looking for models in your age range. Make sure to research the agency before signing a contract and choose one that has a good reputation.
  3. Stay in shape: As a model, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep your body in shape. It includes eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep.
  4. Practice your poses: Practice your poses in front of a mirror to improve your posture and overall appearance. Doing this can help you feel more confident during photoshoots and modeling gigs.
  5. Network: Attend industry events, connect with other models, and follow industry influencers on social media. Networking is essential to any modeling career that can help you find new opportunities.
  6. Be professional: Always be professional and reliable in your interactions with clients, agents, and other professionals in the industry. It includes showing up on time, being prepared, and communicating clearly and effectively.

Is it Difficult to Be a Senior Model?

You have the same requirements as someone who is younger, so it isn’t difficult, just regular. Thanks to brands who have expanded their age demographics to include senior citizens, mature modeling is now a trend, and the demand for models who are aged 50 and above is rapidly increasing.

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What Are the Requirements to Be a Senior Model?

  • Hair: Your hair type and texture are important depending on where you want to model. On a neutral ground, your hair should look tidy, well-conditioned, and better still in its natural color unless the agency wants a particular color. 
  • Makeup: It is best to use little to no makeup when applying for roles so the agency can know what you look like. Using herbal products that can help you maintain your skin, not to find a need for makeup.
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  • Height: There are some general guidelines that modeling agencies look for when it comes to height. For female models, the ideal height range is between 5'7" and 6'0". These guidelines are more applicable to younger models who are just starting their careers, but they can still be used as a general reference point.
  • Bust: There is no specific bust size requirement to be a senior model. The fashion industry has become more inclusive in recent years, and there is a growing demand for models of all ages, shapes, and sizes.
  • Weight: Generally, your weight does not matter but depends on the kind of modeling you want to go into, such as fitness; you will need to look physically fit.
  • Hips: There is no specific hip size, but it will be beneficial if your hip is 10 inches wider than your waist. 
  • Age: Perhaps the most important feature. To become a senior model, you need to be between 50 and 100 years old. 

How to Find Modeling Casting Calls for Senior Models?

You can either go directly to the websites of the brand, company, or agency that you would like to work with. If you are looking to start small to build your portfolio, you can sign up for other legitimate websites like to apply for roles that best fit you.

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Famous Senior Female Models

With very few mature models being recognized in fashion shoots and runways. Here are a few famous senior female models who are still shining through it;

  • Tyra Banks,
  • Cindy Crawford,
  • Claudia Schiffer,
  • Elle Macpherson,
  • Naomi Campbell,
  • Benedetta Barzini,
  • Marie-Sophie Wilson,
  • Jacky O’Shaughnessy,
  • Daphne Selfe,
  • Nicola Griffin.

Ready to kickstart a career in senior modeling? Sign up to to find casting calls from companies looking for you. Good luck!

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