How to Become a Promotional Model?

How to Become a Promotional Model?

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  1. What Is a Promotional Model?
  2. What Does a Promotional Model Do?
  3. Requirements to Become a Promo Model.
  4. How to Become a Promotional Model?
  5. Tips for Success as a Promotional Model.
  6. Types of Promotional Modeling Jobs.
  7. How Much Money Do Promotional Models Make?
  8. Where to Find Casting Calls for the Promotional Model?

What Is a Promotional Model?

A promotional model is a type of model that specializes in helping brands advertise products and/or services by appealing to the interests of the target audience. They also directly engage with the audiences at conventions, events, and so on, increasing brand awareness. 

What Does a Promotional Model Do?

A promotional model serves as the face of a brand, product, or service in more ways than one. This is because they:

  • Personally endorse the brand.
  • Engage in promotional events that advocate for the brand's popularity.
  • Answer questions, give interviews, and encourage feedback relating to the brand.
  • Physically represent the brand (in events and through ads/ commercials). 

Requirements to Become a Promo Model

Promotional models are famously attractive. They typically meet a standard of beauty and have a stunning outward appearance. Here are some of the boxes you have to tick before a brand hires you to be their promo model: 

  • Hair: Your hair length may be a big plus since long hair is usually considered attractive. However, if short hair is more your style, have a professional stylist cut it for you and ensure it is styled perfectly before you audition.
  • Makeup: You need to pull off heavy and light makeup for this role. This is because some ad campaigns may require that you wear heavy makeup; likewise, some events you attend may be more appropriate to attend with light makeup. You have to be able to pull it off at all times. So, if you aren't comfortable with heavy makeup or don't feel confident enough in light makeup, you might want to consider rehearsal your looks beforehand. 
  • Height: For visual content such as pictures or videos, your height can be altered to match the brand's needs. Yet, the work of a promotional model is sometimes physically demanding. Thus, your height needs to be in the range of the average (this is currently at 5'4). A super tall or short model may stand out significantly in a way the brand doesn't want. This is, of course, except if the brand has other plans.
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  • Bust: Since these models are expected to be attractive to a certain degree, special attention is paid to their physical appearances. Your bust can be one of the parts of your body which can make or mar your chances of working with a brand. However, this depends on the interests of the brand. Typical bust sizes range from 32" — 36".
  • Weight: Promotional models usually keep tabs on their weight. They pay attention to the foods they consume and engage in regular workouts to maintain a healthy weight. This is mainly because this job cares a lot about the model's physical appearance.
  • Hips: Just like every other requirement on this list, attention is also paid to the hips of the aspiring model. Your hips should be around 33' — 35", as this is the typical measurement for promotional models.
  • Age: Once above 18, you are qualified to be a promotional model for most brands. They typically hire models in their late teens or early 20s. However, this doesn't take away from the fact that there are a lot of senior promotional models, which makes this a career that serves both the young and the old.

Requirements to Become a Promo Model

Remember that most of these requirements are specific to the type of brand you work with, but these are typical must-haves in this industry.

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How to Become a Promotional Model?

The steps involved in becoming a promotional model are not especially tasking. The career itself may not seem quite challenging; however, the steps to getting started require dedication, focus, and consistency. Here they are:

  • Maintain a healthy way of living.
  • As always, get a professional high-quality headshot photo.
  • Build your brand on social media.
  • Build a portfolio/ resume.
  • Apply to casting calls (
  • Apply to casting calls from companies looking for promotional models.

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Tips for Success as a Promotional Model

The journey to becoming a promotional model can be a long and arduous one. Likewise, depending on your chosen path, it can be short and straightforward. Here are some tips to help you achieve success in this journey:

  • Once again, be physically fit, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Only work with a brand that has a vision you support.
  • Remain committed and loyal to the brand.
  • Good interpersonal communication skills.
  • Strong social media base.
  • Public speaking ability.
  • Stamina to withstand standing for an extended period.
  • Great people skills.
  • Keep a positive and cheerful attitude.
  • As a bonus point: Get an Associate's degree in marketing, advertising, communications, or any other related field.

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Types of Promotional Modeling Jobs

Promotional modeling branches out into various types of modeling. You can niche down to one of its different forms. Some of which are: 

  • Retail Modelling.
  • Spokes models.
  • Event modeling.
  • Hostess modeling.
  • Social media modeling.
  • Brand Ambassadors.

How Much Money Do Promotional Models Make?

Just as with most jobs, the pay of a promotional model largely depends on who they are working for, the model's skillset, qualifications, experience, and so on. Nonetheless, the job site, Glassdoor, shows that the yearly average for a promotional model is currently at $38,496 and can go as high as $64,000 or as low as $24,000.

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Where to Find Casting Calls for the Promotional Model?

Now that you know how to become a promotional model, do you have what it takes to pivot into this career path? If yes, we recommend signing up at to find casting calls for promotional models. allcasting offers various promotional modeling opportunities, making it an excellent resource for finding casting calls in this field.

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