How to Become a Wedding Model?

How to Become a Wedding Model

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  1. What Is Bridal Modeling?
  2. What Does a Bridal Model Do?
  3. What is the difference between a Wedding Dress Model and a Bridal Model?
  4. How Tall Are Wedding Models?
  5. How Do You Become a Bride Model?
  6. How to Find Casting Calls for Bridal Models?
  7. Wedding Model Salary

The drinks, the laughs, and the dresses! Some of the best memories are created during weddings. And, if you want, you can get paid to be in one.

A wedding model is the type of model that does photoshoots and other types of visual marketing for brands that sell products and services to brides, grooms, wedding event planners, etc. 

If you think this is for you, keep reading our how-to guide on how to become a wedding model.

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What Is Bridal Modeling?

A bridal model wears wedding dresses and accessories to advertise for brands and companies.

 A bridal model strikes a posture for photographs used in catalogs or magazines. Typically, these picture shoots take place outdoors, in a wedding venue, or in a studio. It requires you to not just take photos in front of a camera but also in front of an audience. 

What Does a Bridal Model Do?

A Bridal model is responsible for modeling bridal gowns for bridal shops and designers. To become a bridal gown model, you need a strong portfolio that demonstrates your ability to model bridal gowns, network with industry professionals to build up a strong online presence. 

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A bridal model is comfortable working with a variety of people, including bridal shop owners, wedding dress designers, and photographers.

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What is the difference between a Wedding Dress Model and a Bridal Model?

A bridal model models for portrait sessions (weddings, engagements, etc.) Artistic portraits. These are often photographs that help promote a particular cause or charitable cause. In some cases, it can be used as a Christmas card by an organization. It can also be done to keep memories fresh in the future.

 A wedding dress model, similar to a bridal model but with engagement kind of shoots or sessions. Where the couple gets together with their friends and family, taking lovely photos and funny ones too just like an actual wedding.

How Tall Are Wedding Models?

Being a tall bride has considerably more benefits than drawbacks. If you're tall, you'll already have all eyes on you. So keep your head up, shoulders back, and enjoy every step up the long center aisle.

Most dresses are designed and modeled for someone at least 5 feet 9 inches tall. So if you fit into that category or more than, it won’t be hard to find you a wedding dress. 

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This is because most wedding dresses are designed for women of this height.If you are lower or way taller, you may be able to find work as a bridal model, but it can be more difficult to find a designer who will make use of you for projects and shoots.

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How Do You Become a Bride Model?

To become a bridal model, you will definitely need modeling experience and a portfolio. Even though this does not require formal education for this position, there is still a standard agencies will be on the lookout for such as height and body type. It will be to your advantage if you attended a modeling school, to help build your portfolio. You will also need to:

  1. Include images or cuttings of any professional modeling opportunities for which you have posed in addition to your contact information.
  2. Learn how to apply makeup to bring out your natural beauty. For bridal fashion photos, use a soft touch.
  3. Make yourself available for fashion shows that may happen near you. Be prepared to work for free to gain experience. 
  4. Do your homework. See professional models at runway shows and check out bridal magazines to see what the latest styles are and what photos they use.
  5. Look your most attractive at all times when out in public. You may just attract a scouting agent for a local, or one of the more exclusive, modeling agencies. 

How to Find Casting Calls for Bridal Models?

It is good to find jobs on your own, but for better job opportunities it is best to go under a company. Other ways you can find casting calls if you don't work under an agency; 

Build your brand on social media

Social media channels are the best solution for building your brand. You can easily attract modeling agencies and individual projects directly through your social media handles. Instagram is the "throne" of upcoming bridal models.Start uploading your best photos on Instagram. The image should increase with a variety of poses using multiple close-ups, full-body portraits that clearly show generous hairstyles and fashionable accessories.

Modeling school

A modeling course will accelerate your career by learning all the skills you need to become a bridal model. Adding to that, training institutions will give you the opportunity to work with older models and measure the quality of your classmates' work. 

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Going to where the opportunities are is best for aspiring bridal models, where the opportunities are larger than smaller metropolitan areas. Big cities have giant modeling agencies, fashion designers, retail headquarters and artists. Moving to a fashion city offers you exposure and continuous workflow.

How to Find Casting Calls for Bridal Models?

Wedding Model Salary

Salaries vary based on experience, location and appearance. The average annual pay for a Bridal Model in the United States is $50,271 a year.

Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $24.17 an hour. This is the equivalent of $966/week or $4,189/month.

If you are looking for opportunities in bridal modeling, then your best bet is to get started through auditions. Sign up at and start applying.

Wedding Model Salary

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