How to Become a Model for Shein?

How to Become a Model for Shein?

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  1. How Do You Become a Model on Shein?
  2. What Does Shein Look for in Models?
  3. Requirements for Becoming a Shein Model.
  4. How Do I Become a Shein Influencer?
  5. Which Shein Model Program To Apply For?   
  6. Tips for Becoming Shein Model.
  7. How Much Does a Shein Model Get Paid?

Like every other brand, Shein is on the lookout for certain qualities and requirements from models. Although, over time, the requirements may vary depending on what kind of product each model is hired for.

How Do You Become a Model on Shein?

To become a model for Shein, you can follow these steps:

  • Learn about the company; if you are looking to work for Shein, you need to know how the company runs and the criteria or specific guidelines they require. You could go on their social media or look up their website to know when they have casting calls and also know their preferences and requirements in a model.
  • Create a Modeling Portfolio: Develop a professional modeling portfolio that showcases your versatility and ability to showcase different styles and looks. Include high-quality photos that highlight your physical features and modeling skills. Look at aligning your portfolio with Shein's aesthetic and target audience by including trendy looks.
  • Follow their Social Media handles: Follow Shein on their social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. To stay updated with their posts, castings, announcements, and shows. Shein posts several opportunities on their social media handles.
  • Sign up for castings: Shein could make announcements on their social media or website for casting calls, so you should keep an eye out for them. Check to see that you meet the requirements; if you do, you can follow the instructions to apply. They may request other things like your portfolio or any relevant information about you or your agency which you should be able to provide.
  • Attend Open Model Calls: attend events or model calls that Shein occasionally conducts where you can showcase your talent. Keep an alert for those events and the likes around you. 

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What Does Shein Look for in Models?

Shein does not necessarily have the look they are looking for. Shein is open to versatility and accepts all ages, ethnicity, shapes, and body types. The store has a wide range of options for both genders, including children.

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Requirements for Becoming a Shein Model

  • Hair: your hair should be in a natural color. Avoid bright colors like green or pink. Using these colors might take away focus from the accessory, defeating the point of the showcase. 

Requirements for becoming a shein model

  • Makeup: just like hair color, your makeup should not be too loud. You serve as a canvas for the client, and using makeup that is too loud can be a distraction for them. Using neutral colors such as blonde, black, or brown. 
  • Height: to be a Shein model, the average height is between 5'8 to 5'11. Don't fret; you can still send in your application to them as they are more open to all heights, petite or tall. 

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How Do I Become a Shein Influencer?

  • Create High-Quality Content for Shein: to make quality content, you should take well-composed photos that showcase your fashion sense, personal style, and creativity. Maintain a continuous aesthetic. 
  • Build Your Social Media and Engage with Shein: have a good number of followers on big social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram using popular hashtags, engage with followers, and collaborate with other influencers to expand. 
  • Promote Shein Products: Add the use of Shein to your day-to-day activities. Create videos of yourself wearing Shein products consistently. Be honest in your opinion and recommendations about the product. 
  • Stay Authentic and Consistent: you should be focused on creating authentic content that resonates with you. Shein is more likely to collaborate with individuals that represent them authentically.
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Which Shein Model Program To Apply For

Shein offers several programs and opportunities for models to apply, depending on their specific interests and goals. 

  • Influencer program: if you have a strong social media following or presence and you know how to create content on TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube that centers on Shein products. It involves sponsorship, promotion, collaboration, and partnerships. As an influencer, you enjoy the perks of getting free products, discounts, and opportunities. 
  • Brand Ambassador Program: you will work long-term with the company, promoting and advertising products. You will handle content creation, social media, and campaigns for Shein. You can be on the lookout for ambassadorial jobs when Shein sends out the news. 
  • Runway and plus size model: Shein occasionally anchors fashion and runway shows to showcase new products that are about to enter the market. This is a great opportunity for all types of models, both established and inspiring models. The spot is also open to plus-size curve models who have a segment of their own. 
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Tips for Becoming Shein Model

  • Get Headshots: having a number of beauty shots of you in little to no makeup and hair up while wearing a tank top. You should also take side views of your headshots to show your facial features all around. 
  • Create a Portfolio for Shein: for an aspiring model, a portfolio is important. Compiling your best photos in an online format or print if required. Including basic information like your name, location, email, and phone number. 
  • Try a Modeling School: going to a legitimate modeling school can help increase your chances of being noticed by Shien. Learning the basics up till the advanced version of modeling. Knowing how to walk, etiquette, strike poses, and also getting a certificate are perks of going to a modeling school.  
  • Practice Shein Posing: follow Shein on all platforms, get their magazines, look at models already working there, and see how they strike their poses. Practice in front of a mirror for when you get an audition, and they see you mean business.

Tips on How to Become a Shein Model

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How Much Does a Shein Model Get Paid?

According to Shein, the estimated pay for a model in Shein is $23 per hour. With a yearly pay of $33k to $61k, depending on your experience, location, shoot, and products.

Remember that Shein receives many requests from aspiring influencers, so competition is high. While at that, you should focus on building your brand, engaging with your audience, and consistently creating valuable content. Sign up at to get started now.

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