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How The Industry Survives During Pandemic


Benjamin Franklin once said: “Change is the only constant in life. One’s ability to adapt to those changes will determine your success in life.” Indeed, the Covid-19 crisis was a test of faith for many. However, businesses that acted fast, and found solutions to adapt, now can keep their head above the water. This is an ongoing challenge no one asked for, especially tough for the casting industry, where meeting face to face is the whole point of the audition process. Only because we, as the industry, refuse to be hostages of this unprecedented situation we are still here.

After a few months, it'll already be a year since the beginning of the crisis. This year, the film industry had to slow down a bit, but it was never entirely on pause. On the one hand, we have a Rotten Tomatoes' list of delayed movies, but on the other - released blockbuster films and shows (Tenet, Queen's Gambit, Bad Boys For Life), several started productions ( Gossip Girl reboot, Don't Worry Darling) and online award ceremonies.

When the crisis first hit, we were confused - what will happen next and whether anything will happen at all? Everybody had to leave their offices, cancel in-person meetings, and start a new work-from-home era. As almost everything moved online, the casting industry had to as well. Auditions started to happen online - the benefits and drawbacks of the new format began to crystallize. Online auditions mean waving goodbye to in-person meetings and feeling the energy person vibrates into the room, but it also means welcoming a much faster and dynamic casting process.

With online auditions, you can skip the headache of commute, renting a place, and waiting. It's easier to cast nationwide or even worldwide when searching for your next Millie Bobby Brown - a door to a broader talent scope opens. Holding an online audition also means having less paperwork to do - no printed resumes, headshots, forms, and notes. Every document you need is just one click away, which leads to more manageable record-keeping.

Although allcasting has always been an online talent network, we had to face the challenge of ensuring a smooth online audition experience for both sides - casting directors and talent. User experience is our core value; therefore, we took immediate action. We are proud to be one of the first ones to introduce online auditions for our talent network. Our users and business partners have 24/7 support and have been provided with the best online audition practice tips. There are two ways an online audition can be held: casting director jumps on a call with chosen applicants, or selected applicants send their self-tapes.

We are incredibly proud of Verizon, Toyota, Mountain Dew and Maybelline who trusted us and held online auditions on, which resulted in satisfied casting directors and talent.


Will we ever go back to normal, or is this the new normal? A number of casting professionals believe that online auditions will take over the traditional audition process during the next few years. That would mean an impressive technological movement for the whole casting and film industry itself. Is Hollywood ready for the sun setting on its traditional norms and processes?

Allcasting is an all-in-one casting network that connects any kind of talent with any type of production. Reach out to or for further assistance with getting the perfect talent for your casting call. Level up your casting experience today!

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