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Hollywood Film and TV Production to Resume Mid-June

As the nation cautiously edges towards fully reopening, the entertainment industry is next in line for resuming production, which has by and large been halted since March. California's restarting on June 12th, with New York right on its heels, although New Yorkers may have to wait just a little while longer. Not much though.

The inevitable influx of roles and casting calls is fantastic news for all our talents. With lots of gigs coming your way so it's the perfect time to update your profile, add new photos, and get ready for a season of opportunities.

Despite a plethora of safety guidelines, the kinks of which are still being worked out, this is an exciting time for performers and production teams nationwide, who are among the hardest hit by the pandemic and ache to return to work.


The restart will be slow, but tangible. Abiding by the safety guidelines will significantly contribute to production expenses, which means some projects might opt to continue delaying production until further notice, however that being said the general situation in the entertainment industry will improve immensely.

During the pandemic, the entertainment industry was quick to adapt and countless companies opted to seek talents digitally via virtual casting calls. We expect the trend of remote casting calls via online calls and self-tapes to continue, even as the industry restarts, given their convenience and low-cost nature.


At allcasting, we took decisive and responsive steps throughout the crisis to ensure our talents' connection to the world of entertainment remains unsevered. We pushed and encouraged casting directors to switch to online auditions wherever possible; we added the “Online auditions” tag to respective casting calls; and we rolled out a video call feature in record time, thus facilitating online auditions for our talents, as well as casting directors.

Even as normalcy returns, these features are here to stay. They're convenient and will help make the lives of our talents easier. Crisis or no crisis, this change, namely the digitalization of the entertainment industry, was inevitable. Covid-19 simply sped up the timeline and talents will come out better for it.

In Short

It's a time of recovery, resurgence, and new horizons. The film industry will have changed for the better. As for you - the performer - expect a deluge of new casting calls and opportunities coming your way soon.

Be the first to react, perfect your profile, and apply to casting calls, because there's no better time to get your foot in the door of showbiz!

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