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"West Side Story" Musical Seeking Actors

Oakdale, NY, United States
ID: 260847Exp: 5/14/2024

Main Stage auditions for "West Side Story" show. Looking for cast. Please see more info below. About the project: "From the first notes to the final breath, West Side Story is one of the most memorable musicals and greatest love stories of all time. Arthur Laurents’ book remains as powerful, poignant and timely as ever. The score by Leonard Bernstein and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim are widely regarded as among the best ever written. The world’s greatest love story takes to the streets in this landmark Broadway musical that is one of the theatre’s finest accomplishments. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is transported to modern-day New York City as two young, idealistic lovers find themselves caught between warring street gangs, the “American” Jets and the Puerto Rican Sharks. Their struggle to survive in a world of hate, violence and prejudice is one of the most innovative, heart-wrenching and relevant musical dramas of our time." Additional info: Please prepare a 16 – 32 bar cut of a musical theatre song either from the show or in a similar style. An accompanist will be provided. A dance audition will follow vocal auditions for those asked to stay. Please wear footwear you are comfortable dancing in. Please bring possible rehearsal and/or performance conflicts to the auditions. Video submissions will be accepted if you are unable to make either audition date: see the attachment. Callbacks will be by invitation only. PERFORMANCE DATES: SATURDAY, AUGUST 17 8:00 PM SUNDAY, AUGUST 18 2:00 PM WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 21 2:00 PM FRIDAY, AUGUST 23 8:00 PM SATURDAY, AUGUST 24 8:00 PM SUNDAY, AUGUST 25 2:00 PM FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 8:00 PM SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 8:00 PM If you are interested, please apply.

This casting call has expired.
Not accepting new submissions.
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23 roles

MARIAFemale18-30 y.o.Latino / Hispanic

A hopeless romantic and innocent young girl. She falls in love with Tony and finds herself at the center of the violent conflict between the two gangs. Bernardo’s younger sister. Strong soprano voice. Range: Bb3 – C6. Some dancing. The Sharks – A Puerto Rican gang.

ANITAFemale18-30 y.o.Latino / Hispanic

Feisty and assertive. She dispenses “older sister” advice to Maria and tries to shield her from the dangers of the gangs. Bernardo’s girlfriend and Maria’s friend. Strong Alto (belt). Range: F3 – D5. Strong dance background required. The Sharks – A Puerto Rican gang.

BERNARDOMale18-30 y.o.Latino / Hispanic

A proud, strong, handsome man. Bernardo seeks to carve out territory as a sense of identity for him and his friends. Maria’s brother and Anita’s boyfriend. Leader of the Sharks. Limited solo singing. Range: Bb2 – Eb4. Strong dance background required. The Sharks – A Puerto Rican gang.

CHINOMale18-30 y.o.Latino / Hispanic

An angry and, at times, naive Shark who turns murderous and vengeful. Suitor to Maria and friend of Bernardo’s. Speaking Role. Dancing/Singing required. The Sharks – A Puerto Rican gang.

PEPEMale18-30 y.o.Latino / Hispanic

The Sharks – A Puerto Rican gang.

INDIOMale18-30 y.o.Latino / Hispanic

The Sharks – A Puerto Rican gang.

LUISMale18-30 y.o.Latino / Hispanic

The Sharks – A Puerto Rican gang.

ROSALIAFemale18-30 y.o.Latino / Hispanic

The Sharks – A Puerto Rican gang.

CONSUELAFemale18-30 y.o.Latino / Hispanic

The Sharks – A Puerto Rican gang.

FRANSISCAFemale18-30 y.o.Latino / Hispanic

The Sharks – A Puerto Rican gang.

TONYMale18-30 y.o.White / Caucasian

A romantic young man and former leader of the Jets, he has found a new lifestyle now that doesn’t involve gangs. Tony finds himself violently torn between his friendships and love. Falls in love with Maria and meets an unfortunate death. Genuinely sweet and sincere. Strong tenor voice. Range: Bb2 – Bb4. Limited dancing. The Jets.

RIFFMale18-30 y.o.White / Caucasian

An athletic, quick-tempered leader of the Jets. He seeks to eliminate the Sharks and establish his own gang’s dominance. Tony’s best friend, he is eventually murdered by Bernardo. Strong singer. Range: Bb2 – G4. Strong dance background required. The Jets.

ANYBODYSFemale18-30 y.o.White / Caucasian

A spunky tomboy who is desperate to become a member of the Jets. The other Jets mock her for her ambitions, but generally appreciate her company. Full of energy and heart. Speaking Role. Dance role. The Jets.

DIESELMale18-30 y.o.White / Caucasian

Second-in-command of the Jets. Leader after Riff’s death. Baritone/Bass. The Jets.

ACTIONMale18-30 y.o.White / Caucasian

The most quick-tempered member of the Jets, always ready for a fight. Tenor. The Jets.

A-RABMale18-30 y.o.White / Caucasian

Slightly less quick tempered than Action. Baby John’s best friend. Baritone. The Jets.

BABY JOHNMale18-30 y.o.White / Caucasian

The youngest Jet, is beaten up during the opening sequence. Tenor. The Jets.

GRAZIELLAFemale18-30 y.o.White / Caucasian

The Jets.

VELMAFemale18-30 y.o.White / Caucasian

The Jets.

OFFICER KRUPKEMale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

The local beat cop. He has no patience for the gangs conflict and tries to keep tensions from erupting between them. A little dorky, he is regularly mocked by the local gangs. Speaking Role. No dance background.

DETECTIVE SCHRANKMale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

A local police detective frustrated by the ongoing violence between the Jets and Sharks. Blunt, brash, racist, and unapologetic. Speaking Role. No dance background required.

DOCMale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

The adult owner of the store where the Jets hang out. He tries to guide the Jets youthful angst and provides a safe haven for Tony. Old fashioned and wise in his ways. Speaking Role. No dance background.

GLAD HANDMale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

Nerdy, overly cheerful and ill-equipped social director at the school dance (“Mambo”). Speaking role. No dance background.