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Actors Audition For Upcoming Stage Plays

Geneseo, IL, United States
ID: 221428Exp: 5/21/2023

Auditions for upcoming plays: "Over the River and Through the Woods", "The Seafarer" & "Unnecessary Farce". Looking for cast. Please see the details below. About the project: "Over the River and Through the Woods": Nick is a single, Italian-American guy from New Jersey. His parents retired and moved to Florida; his sister lives in California. That doesn’t mean he lacks family in Jersey: Nick sees both sets of his grandparents every Sunday for dinner. This is routine until he has to tell them that he’s been offered a dream job, but it will take him away from his beloved, but annoying, grandparents. The news doesn’t sit so well. How could he betray his family’s love to move to Seattle, for a job, wonder his grandparents? Thus begins a series of schemes to keep Nick around. Frank, Aida, Nunzio and Emma do their level best, which includes bringing to dinner the lovely—and single—Caitlin O’Hare as bait. "The Seafarer": THE SEAFARER is a chilling new play about the sea, Ireland, and the power of myth. It’s Christmas Eve, and Sharky has returned to Dublin to look after his irascible, aging brother who’s recently gone blind. Old drinking buddies Ivan and Nicky are holed up at the house too, hoping to play some cards. But with the arrival of a stranger from the distant past, the stakes are raised ever higher. Sharky may be playing for his very soul. "Unnecessary Farce": Two cops. Three crooks. Eight doors. Go. In a cheap motel room, an embezzling mayor is supposed to meet with his female accountant, while in the room next-door, two undercover cops wait to catch the meeting on videotape. But there's some confusion as to who's in which room, who's being videotaped, who's taken the money, who's hired a hit man, and why the accountant keeps taking off her clothes. Additional info: Audition form is attached. Forms will be available at the auditions, but feel free to download and complete a form prior to joining them. "Over the River and Through the Woods": Run dates: August 17-20 & 24-27, 2023 Special notes: Except for Frank, the other grandparents are 1st generation Americans who grew up in New Jersey, so they don’t speak with an Italian accent, though they do occasionally use Italian phrases. For reference, listen to how the Italian-descent characters speak in the movie Moonstruck or the HBO series The Sopranos. Frank left Italy at age 14, so he could possibly have a slight Italian accent. (Or, directors can pretend he’s lost his accent over the ensuing 60 years, if necessary.) He also plays the mandolin. (Directors can probably fake that, but some familiarity with playing a stringed instrument, like guitar, would certainly help.) Also note: all of the characters except Caitlin deliver substantial monologues. Audition will consist of cold reading of excerpts from the script. Nunzio should be prepared to a song of his own choosing, acapella. "The Seafarer": Run dates: October 5-8 & 12-15, 2023 Special note: First four characters may be played with Irish accents, if this can be done well. Lockhart will probably be played as American. Audition will consist of cold reading of excerpts from the script. "Unnecessary Farce": Run dates: November 9-12 & 16-19, 2023 All rehearsals will be cold readings from the script.

This casting call has expired.
Not accepting new submissions.
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17 roles

NickMale26-34 y.o.All ethnicities

A young marketing professional. Intelligent, energetic, agitated and anxious. Loves his grandparents but keenly wants to grasp this new career opportunity. "Over the River and Through the Woods"

Frank GianelliMale70-80 y.o.All ethnicities

Nick’s maternal grandfather, immigrated from Italy at age 14. Believes in the importance of family above all. "Over the River and Through the Woods"

Aida GianelliFemale65-79 y.o.All ethnicities

Nick’s maternal grandmother, equates food and care with love, family and home. "Over the River and Through the Woods"

Nunzio CristanoMale65-79 y.o.All ethnicities

Nick’s paternal grandfather, a fun-loving romantic, who carries within him a burden he isn’t willing to share yet. Has a pleasant singing voice. "Over the River and Through the Woods"

Emma CristanoFemale65-79 y.o.All ethnicities

Nick’s paternal grandmother, also fun-loving. She’s “a doer”, who likes to play cards, go on trips to gambling casinos. "Over the River and Through the Woods"

Caitlin O’HareFemale20-34 y.o.All ethnicities

A nurse, charming, smart, calm. Caitlin is trying to re-enter the dating scene and is set up with an unknowing Nick on a blind date. "Over the River and Through the Woods"

James “Sharky” HarkinMale30-59 y.o.All ethnicities

Former fisherman, van driver, chauffeur, drinker. Sad figure has lived a hard life. Trying not to drink. Taking care of his older brother. "The Seafarer"

Richard HarkinMale35-64 y.o.All ethnicities

Sharky’s older brother, recently gone blind, heavy drinker. "The Seafarer"

Ivan CurryMale30-49 y.o.All ethnicities

Ivan is a burly drinking buddy of the Harkins. "The Seafarer"

Nicky GiblinMale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

The “successful one”. Upbeat and festive. Always good-natured. "The Seafarer"

Mr. LockhartMale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

Can be quite older or quiet younger than the rest. He is dressed impeccably, looks to be a successful businessman. Well spoken, charismatic, festive and charming. At other times he is dark, intense, and terrifying. Must be able to do both. "The Seafarer"

Eric SheridenMale30-39 y.o.All ethnicities

A police officer. A bookish, even-keeled guy who finds himself completely out of his element when called upon to express his feelings for a woman, lie to his boss, disguise himself as someone else, and stand up to an armed mobster -while not wearing any pants. "Unnecessary Farce"

Billie DwyerFemale20-39 y.o.All ethnicities

A police officer, Eric's partner. Excitable and entirely unthreatening, she seemingly lacks every skill necessary for police work, but is as eager to succeed as she seems destined to fail. "Unnecessary Farce"

Karen BrownFemale30-39 y.o.All ethnicities

An accountant, who has always taken pride in her accountant-like, professional demeanor until this morning, when she finds herself filled with a sexual hunger, and unable to keep things in control. "Unnecessary Farce"

Mayor MeeklyMale50-79 y.o.All ethnicities

An Innocent, with a capital i. An affable, gentle fellow. Not too quick on the pick-up, but a sweet, sweet soul. "Unnecessary Farce"

Agent FrankMale20-59 y.o.All ethnicities

The head of Security at Town Hall, and, frankly, the wrong man for the job. Though he presents the confident, gruff exterior of a secret service agent ( or film noir detective, even), he is frequently (and, at moments of crisis, invariably) a man frightened by his own shadow. "Unnecessary Farce"

ToddMale20-59 y.o.All ethnicities

Speaks with a pronounced Scottish accent. A professional hit man. Cool, quiet, and perceptive when at his best, but more frequently an angry Scotsman- and the angrier he becomes, the thicker his accent gets, until he is entirely indecipherable. "Unnecessary Farce"