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Professional Casting for "Wait Until Dark" Production

Brampton, ON, CanadaID: 216566Exp: 2/11/2023

ONLY LOCAL TALENT WILL BE ADMITTED. Searching for performers to play roles in "Wait Until Dark" Production. More details are below. About the project: Synopsis: A sinister con-man, and two ex-convicts are about to meet their match. They have traced the location of a mysterious doll, which they must posses, to the apartment of Sam Hendrix and his blind wife, Susy. Through cleverly constructed deception they each make their way into Susy’s home and attempt to recover it. A deadly game of cat and mouse ensues that will have the audience on the edge of their seats till the end. Rate: Please be advised that all roles are non-union and non-paying. All participating artists will receive an honorarium as a gesture of appreciation. Additional information: Rehearsals will begin Sunday, 5th March. Thrice a week (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday) rehearsals in March / April / May / June 7.30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m on weekdays & 11.00 am to 2.00pm on Sundays. Tech Week will be Monday, 19th to Thursday, 22nd June 6:00 p.m – 10.00 PM. Performance Schedule: 7 pm Show on Friday, 23rd June 2023 (Call time – 3.00 PM). 7 pm Show on Saturday, 24th June 2023 (Call time – 4.00 PM). 1 pm Show on Sunday, 25th June 2023 (Call time – 11 AM). When applying, please submit your interest along with a recent headshot/selfie and short bio/introduction ​to receive the audition pack with further information about the production schedule, the playwright and the director. Only, those shortlisted be will be contacted to SELECT an audition/table read slot.

This casting call has expired.
Not accepting new submissions.
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5 roles

SusanFemale25-35 y.o.All ethnicities

Lead. Blinded in an automobile accident a year and a half ago, Susan, a vivacious and capable woman. She is fierce and strong yet frightened and at odds with the world. She is no shrinking violet. She can hold her own despite her handicap. Visually impaired actors who can handle the intensity of the action sequences required for the role are encouraged to audition.

RoatMale30-50 y.o.All ethnicities

Lead. A master criminal with no empathy for anyone. Like many sociopaths, he is highly intelligent and manipulates people with ease. Though he’s offbeat, he’s not eccentric. He’s consistently unfazed by his circumstances, and never takes anyone, including himself, too seriously. He’d almost be charming if he wasn’t also a sadistic murderer. Character work is key. Also must be comfortable with intense stage physicality.

MikeMale30-49 y.o.All ethnicities

Lead. A smart and charismatic. Fit, suave, tough, though not without a relatively good moral compass. He’s a skeptic, possibly even a cynic, but he does maintain a mild admiration for Susy and her unwavering strength.

CarlinoMale30-49 y.o.All ethnicities

Supporting. A small-time grifter. He’s coarse, a bit uneducated, with a very flexible code of ethics. His pride is often challenged which frequently leads to a souring of his attitude.

SamMale30-39 y.o.All ethnicities

Supporting. An ex-marine with a deep love of photography and his wife, Susy. Being so practical and forward-thinking, he’s determined that Susy should have a life of independence despite her lack of sight. He may be a little fixated on his work at times but he’s still a good man.