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"Blood Countess" Play Searching for Actors

Brooklyn, NY, United StatesID: 197108Exp: 10/16/2022

Casting call for "Blood Countess" play. Seeking cast. ONLY LOCAL TALENT WILL BE CONSIDERED. Please see the breakdown below. About the project: Play synopsis: Countess Elizabeth Bathory was a brilliant woman from a noble family. She is believed to have murdered anywhere from 60-600 young women. This play is a fictionalized account of her life. We know she was tried and convicted of her gruesome cries. The rest we must suppose. Rate: Stipend will be minimum $250. Additional info: Rehearsals will be scheduled according to cast/crew availability in the months preceding. Performances will be January 1st through February 5th. If you are interested, please apply.

6 roles

MotherFemale40-59 y.o.All ethnicities

Elizabeth's mother - Baroness Anna Bathory. Fond of illness and food. Rather unpleasant.

Ferenc NadasdyMale30-56 y.o.All ethnicities

(30s and dashing - must have a full beard or be willing/able to have one by January). Elizabeth's husband - Ferenc de Násdad et Fogarasföld was a Hungarian nobleman. His family, Nádasdy, was one of the wealthiest and most influential of the era in Hungary. Among them, included a cardinal, a King of Poland, and a Prince of Transylvania. Brash, cruel, and charming.

DorkusFemale30-59 y.o.All ethnicities

Devoted servant. Like a mother to Elizabeth.

FitzcoFemale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

A gift from Ferenc, she becomes Elizabeth's close confidant. A devious charlatan. She has a withered arm.

Horned WomanFemale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

The Devil as she appears to Elizabeth. Wearing horns, face covered. Beautiful. Must sing.

Katalin/Theodora/Other Young WomenFemale18-30 y.o.All ethnicities

Victims /the victim who survives and testifies.