What Does Slate Mean in an Audition?

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The Slate is the audition before the audition. An outstanding delivery in a slate enables a smooth transition into the audition, so you must be cautious about how you represent yourself. Keep reading to learn more on how to present yourself during your Slate.

What Is Slating in Acting?

A slate is a short intro made before an audition. This is where the actor introduces themselves, their name, age, the role they’re auditioning for, etc., to the casting team. What follows the Slate is the main audition. 

The Slate is sometimes a prerequisite to an audition. It also helps the audience distinguish the actor from their work by showing that the actor isn’t the character they play. The Slate humanizes you by allowing you to represent yourself outside your work. This also makes it easier for the casting director to recognize and remember your audition, so make a good first impression.

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How to Slate for an Audition?

There are differences of opinion regarding slating. Some believe you should never break character; therefore, you should slate as the character you are auditioning as.

Some also believe that you should slate as your person, then you can progress with the audition. 

While you can do any of the two methods, we advise that you strike a balance between the two. This means that you introduce yourself and your character. 

Your Slate could go something like this:

“Hi, my name is Jack. I’m 5’9. I am 27. I will play the role of Saul, the accountant”.

Simple and straight to the point. You don’t need to dive deeper than necessary. However, you might need to add some other things to your intro. Here are some of the things you should say in an audition slate.

Please note that the Slate is meant to be a short and quick intro, so hurry it up and get to the audition.

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What to Say in an Audition Slate?

You’ve finally gotten the opportunity to audition for your dream role. Before you begin, you need to introduce yourself through your Slate. Here are the things you should say: 

  • Name: You should say your first name and, if you want, your last name. This is a solid way of putting a name on your person. This also works if you are slating as your character.
  • Personal Details: You should also state your details, including your location, age, height, and so on. These may be important as they show how appropriate you will be to play the character.
  • Representation: You should share information regarding what Union you belong to. This can be SAG-AFTRA, ACTRA, SAG, etc. This helps the casting team know your affiliations and how well it blend with their project(s).
  • Project Information: To grant you a seamless transition into the audition, you should also state the role you are auditioning for. Try to be as specific as possible. For example, if you are auditioning for the role of a High School teacher in a school where there are more teachers, you can say you are auditioning for the part of the Chemistry Teacher in the High school.

Tips for Filming a Slate

The increase in remote auditions due to the now-defunct lockdowns has changed how slates (and auditions) are filmed.

Some casting directors prefer that you do a self-tape virtually. If this is the case, here are some tips to help you film a slate:

  • Set up your camera and audio equipment in a well-lit room.
  • Confirm that all your filming equipment is working appropriately.
  • Set up a suitable background.
  • Ensure that the camera captures your face as well as your full body.

Tips for Filming a Slate

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Once you have incorporated the above tips, the following tips can be helpful for both virtual and physical audition slates:

  • Be confident: You must hold your head high and exude confidence before you even begin your audition and your Slate. This will help you ace your audition and represent yourself properly. You should maintain eye contact, speak clearly, and smile to showcase confidence.
  • Study your material: You should have prepared and mastered your material before the audition. You should also abide by the instructions that you’ve been given and don’t go overboard with any of the guidelines. 
  • Be straightforward: Don’t beat around the bus during your Slate by using more words than necessary. Be as straightforward as you possibly can.
  • Reflect on the character: During your Slate, you can give a preview of what the character you’re auditioning for will be like. If they have a certain energy or tone, you can also show some of that energy and tone in your Slate.
  • Be professional: You should carry yourself in a professional manner. Don’t start nor engage in unnecessary or improper conversations. Be civil. Regard the people with their due titles, introduce yourself, and begin your audition.
  • Practice: You can never know your role too much. So, make sure you practice well enough. This will aid your confidence and help you deliver a good slate.

There you go! Above is all you need to know about slates. Do you want to try out these new lessons in your next audition? Find auditions today!

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