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Tips on How To Be Camera-Ready

Prepare Yourself

We all want to look perfect on camera. It’s important to prepare yourself to avoid feeling uncomfortable in the center of attention. To get the perfect footage, listen to these tips shared by top models and high-paid actresses around the world. 

Remember - lighting is the key. Check if the lighting is good. If something bothers you, speak out.

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Angles and Poses

Secondly, know your angles and poses! Everyone has a different face and body type, so getting to know your best angles is a matter of trial and error. Don't be afraid to ask the cameraman to show you how you look - seeing yourself from his shot will help you understand what to change. 

Face and Eyes

It's important to relax your face and let the eyes do the business. A slight squint of your eyes will create an effect of a fierce look. But be sure not to overdo it, to avoid looking like you're struggling to see!

The eyes, Chico. They never lie.


Check your hair before filming, and don't touch them while shooting. This looks very unnatural and shows how stressed and worried you are.  

If you feel like your eyes are drying out by constantly looking at the camera, close your eyes, look down, count to three, and then look back at the camera. If this doesn't help, ask for a break and moisturize your eyes with eye drops.

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Don't try any new products

Don't try any new products before the camera day as you never know how your body will react, so stick to your routine.

Get your mind straight off irrelevant things and prepare for THE DAY. Finally, make sure to rest well before the shooting day - the way you feel will also reflect how you look. 

Now when you're 100% camera-ready - it's time to put the knowledge into action.

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