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How to Introduce Yourself in an Acting Audition

How to Introduce Yourself in an Acting Audition

The biggest stars you know and love today all started from somewhere. Most times, their big breaks happen because of how well they performed in their auditions. 

For this reason, you have to look at your acting audition as the role that can make or break your entire career. 

Once you've finally found a role you can be a perfect fit for, all that’s left for you to do is apply for the audition.

The first stage of your audition is your opening. casting calls near me

Here’s how to compose a genius introduction for your next commercial audition:

  1. Read the Instructions for the Casting Call.
  2. Give the Information You're Asked For.
  3. Be Confident in your Acting Audition.
  4. Examples of How to Introduce Yourself in an Acting Audition.
  5. What Should Be in an Introduction for an Audition?
  6. How to Find the Perfect Acting Auditions for You.

how to compose acting introduction

Read the Instructions for the Casting Call

Before you attempt to even practice for your audition, you must have read and understood the instructions. These instructions are usually included in the casting call details. If you have any questions, or perhaps, something doesn't seem quite clear, you should try your best to reach out to the poster. You can also have another set of eyes look at it such as getting a friend to read it to you because you may have misread something.

Give the Information You're Asked For

There is no argument that you are raw talent, you know what to do and how to do it. Yet, it's best to stick to the script when you audition. You should provide all the details they require on the casting call without adding or removing anything.

Be Confident in your Acting Audition

It's only normal that you get a bit nervous, especially if this is your first acting audition. To combat this, just imagine you've already gotten the role. Don't think of the other applicants, this is your first role so be confident.

Examples of How to Introduce Yourself in an Acting Audition

Research shows that you have only 27 seconds to make a first impression. This is sometimes before you even say a word.

Hence, for your introduction, you need to dress well, smile, and perfect your body language — unless something else was specified in the casting call.

This is because some auditions may require that you dress in a particular fashion, or that you keep a straight face throughout your performance, and so on.

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What Should Be in an Introduction for an Audition?

Casting calls vary depending on the role, director, story, and so much more. However, here are some things that must almost certainly be present in your audition intro:

  • Start your introduction with a greeting such as; good morning, hello, or something in your language. This helps to ease whatever tension may exist in you and can also serve as a good way to transition into the audition.
  • Include your name in your intro: Like every other person, casting directors, producers, and agents like to know who is speaking to them. Your name is your primary form of identity so you must not forget to say it in your intro.
  • Your Age: Your age is also a very important piece of information that should not be left out in your intro. This is because age is, at times, very relevant to a character’s role. You after all can't have a 45-year-old playing a high school bully.
  • Your Specialities/hobbies/interests (if any):  This is a good way to lighten the atmosphere, and humanize yourself. This shows the producer that you are more than your character. Just chip in an activity or two that you enjoy such as football, reading, etc.
  • Something Unique or Interesting About You: This is another fantastic way to lighten the mood. Although not entirely necessary, this is a good way to sell yourself! and spark interest in the other person watching your video. It’s a plus if it's relevant to the role.
  • Anything specified in the casting call description: Make sure to add whatever else may have been required in the casting call. For example, if they ask that you state your height or something as odd as how long it takes you to grow a full beard. Don't overlook any details because they may be relevant to the role.

essential audition introduction

Once you’ve incorporated all these tips, your intro should go like this. “Hello, my name is Jerry, I'm 24. I love reading magazines. I speak three languages: French, German, and English. I am auditioning for the role of Paul, the waiter”.

Another example could be, “ Hi, my name is Denise Roland. I’m 31. I like writing. I'm 5ft 7”. I’m auditioning for the role of Carol, the truck driver”.

Then you continue with the audition.

Simple as that.

However, there are no strict patterns that you must follow for your intro. You can switch things up to what you feel most comfortable with. For example; You can put your intro at the end of your audition: This is called a tail slate. This is particularly interesting because some casting directors prefer to watch the actor's audition before they want to know who the actor is. This makes it easier for them to sort and pick the right person.

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Remember, this is just the intro. So you shouldn't make it too lengthy.

Some extra tips to follow to ensure your acting audition is a success are:

  • Practice in front of a friend or family member.
  • Learn all there is to know about the role.
  • Watch videos of successful auditions and learn from it.
  • Record a video of yourself practicing and see how well it turns out.
  • Smile.
  • Be confident.

How to find the perfect acting auditions for you?

Now that you know how to present yourself in your audition, what's left is for you to find open roles. There are tons of casting calls out there but only some of them are worth applying for allcasting saves you the stress of looking for casting calls, and what's more, you can also book your first audition using this platform.

So, go ahead and apply your freshly gained knowledge on how to ace your acting audition by signing up on allcasting now!

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