How to Become a Hair Model?

 How to Become a Hair Model?

They are on the cover of your favorite shampoo bottle, your relaxer cream, most other hair cosmetology products you own, and even your Hairdresser's pamphlet.

These are hair models. And you can be one too! What makes this a particularly interesting career choice is that you don't need to have the longest, most luscious hair to be a hair model — you can still kill it with properly styled short hair!

  1. What Is a Hair Model?
  2. What Does a Hair Model Do?
  3. Requirements to Become a Hair Model
  4. How to Become a Hair Model?
  5. Tips for Getting a Job as a Hair Model
  6. How Do Hair Models Take Care of Hair?
  7. How Much Do Hair Models Make?
  8. Where to Find Casting Calls for Hair Modeling?

Keep reading this beginner's guide to learn all you need to know to become a hair model.

What Is a Hair Model?

A hair model is a parts model. Unlike full-body models, they don't have to maintain their entire body in a particular form or hold it to a standard.

While this is obviously not bad, hair models' USP is just their hair. This means they are more interested in developing, improving, and maintaining healthy hair.

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However, this does not mean they neglect other body parts. In fact, some casting calls might prefer hair models with a specific skin tone, age range, etc.

What Does a Hair Model Do?

A hair model helps cosmetic companies market their hair-related products. Likewise, they may also help showcase hairstyles for a hair salon and so on.

The bottom line is they use their hair to display what the target audience can have their hair look like. Of course, the idea is that the audience would have to buy the advertised product or service first.

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However, contrary to what you may think, a hair model doesn't always have the longest and blackest hair. Some hair models have short and dyed hair, and some have dreadlocks.

Pay attention to the next as you see which features a hair model(s), and you may notice the wide diversity that is present in the industry. So, don't fret if you think your hair isn't pitch-perfect—hair modeling might still be your forte.

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However, there are some must-haves before you can become a hair model. 

Requirements to Become a Hair Model

  • Your hair must be healthy, clean, and well-kept: Apart from the obvious fact that you, a hair model, must have presentable hair, your hair will get experimented on — a lot. Some clients may feel it's best to dye your hair, and some may want to test out their products on it, and so on. To withstand the trials of hair modeling, we recommend maintaining healthy hair. (We'll cover more tips on how you can take care of your hair later in this article!)Tips for healthy hair for hair models
  • You should trust the stylist. Because you love your hair, it might not be easy to trust it in the hands of different stylists. Yet, this is one of the critical demands of hair modeling. You may not get to work with the same stylist more than once, but you should be willing to respect their work and trust that they know what they are doing. It's never a bad idea to discuss terms and reach an agreement on what you are most comfortable with beforehand, though. This helps to make sure you both remain on the same page.
  • Your hair must be flexible in the busy world of hair modeling. Your hair will go through a lot of twists and turns. You may have to keep an uncomfortable style for an extended period of time, and your stylist may make and remake the same styles over and over. Be mentally prepared to handle all the attention your hair will be getting.
  • Your hair must have a portfolio. You should have a case file that showcases your hair in its glory. The portfolio should include different high-resolution photos of your hair in different styles or previous gigs if you have experience. This will be sent to the casting directors, agencies, and brands you want to work with.

How to Become a Hair Model?

Now that you know the requirements to becoming a hair model, here are some tips to help you become one:

  • Do extensive research: Learn about the types of hair modeling out there. Check what type you want to do and what you are best suited for. It would help if you also researched the brands you'd like to work with and studied their previous modeling techniques (you can find this on their commercial ads, flyers, posters, etc.). Bonus tip: you can even tweak your portfolio by recreating some of their previous modeling gigs.types of hair model
  • Maintain your hair: Your hair must be in peak form, always. It would help if you had a professional stylist who gives you regular and necessary trims and advises you on hair products that work for you.
  • Practice and hone your modeling skill: Your work doesn't end with having pretty hair. It would be best if you also perfected other aspects of modeling, such as; making and holding poses, flexibility, and other skills. 
  • Build a network: If you're just getting started and are looking for your first hair modeling gig, build a network consisting of friends, family, and brands, telling them what you do and sending them your portfolio.

Tips for Getting a Job as a Hair Model

Once you believe you are ready for this exciting career, here are some tips to help you land a job as a hair model:

  • Build connections.
  • Reach out directly to companies you'd like to work with.
  • Partner with an agency.
  • Apply on casting websites.

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How Do Hair Models Take Care of Hair?

Since this is your USP, your hair has to be cared for as best as possible. Here's how to do so:

  • Regular conditioning.
  • Use recommended products.
  • Pay frequent visits to your stylist. 

How Much Do Hair Models Make?

According to ZipRecruiter, you can make as high as $153,000 yearly or as low as $15,500 as a hair model. Yet, this depends on factors such as the client or agency you work with, your experience, and your contract.

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Where to Find Casting Calls for Hair Modeling?

Finding casting calls for hair modeling is simple and straightforward, but that's only if you know where to look. allcasting is a full-service platform where casting calls for actors, extras, content creators, and hair models are posted regularly. Sign up now to get started!

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