How to Become an Actor With No Experience?

Whether you want to try yourself at movies, theater, or television, it can all be challenging but still possible. If you're willing to commit and devote your time and effort, you might soon enough hit the red carpet. 

Together we will learn how to break into acting without experience and special education. 

Create a resume

Let's start with the easy part. How to create a resume? Firstly, Take headshots; at this point, you don't need professional shots. Ask your friends or relatives to take a good headshot on your phone or camera, or even take it yourself. Most of the phones have a timer. Just ensure that the lighting is good and your face is visible in the picture. 

To increase your chances of being selected, create a demo reel ,a short video of yourself doing a minute or two of any performance, for example, reading a monologue. Finally, combine it into a nice, neat resume, including all your special skills, languages you speak, and list any experience you might already have. 

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Now when your resume is ready, you need to find gigs to apply for. First of all, look for opportunities: casting calls. Search for them both online and offline.

Searching for casting calls could be difficult and time-consuming. This is why it's great to use platforms like ours. allcasting posts different casting calls on a daily basis; you can filter those by type of job, location, age, etc. When you find a suitable casting call, apply and make sure you include everything asked by the casting director.

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Typically actors, even successful ones, go through hundreds of auditions before getting a callback. A failed audition doesn't make you a bad actor. In some cases, it purely depends on the matching criteria. Rather than doubting yourself, use every audition as a place for learning and always ask for feedback.

Nevertheless, you need to gain some ground knowledge about the industry, and attending auditions will help you. You'll face casting directors who have been in the industry for years; they will advise you on your parts for improvements. You can also network with other actors who might share valuable information for your career development.

Practice Your Acting Technique

The next important thing is to practice. Make sure to use your time wisely by practicing a monologue, reading scripts, and improving your performance. Look for monologues online, and get familiar with the classical ones like "Twelfth Night" by William Shakespeare. You can even join your local theater.

Many of our talent at allcasting had NO previous experience before applying for the roles. Yet, they had received the part. So don't waste time doubting yourself. Spend time going after your goals. 

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And finally, your own social media blog could also be a great practice for your acting skills. This could be an Instagram account about your daily life or a TikTok account about how to become an actor. Anything that involves you talking in front of the camera. You can add this to your portfolio and you might get noticed!

If you repeat all of the points mentioned above, you will undoubtedly increase your chances of getting the role you want. Remember, anything new takes time, so don't give up on it after the first rejection. Instead, use every single piece of advice to learn and improve. has many acting and modeling opportunities and most don't require any previous experience, we search for the opportunities for you. Join the network today! And may you get cast.

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