8 Myths About Casting Platforms

8 Myths About Casting Platforms

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  1. Casting Platforms Are A Scam.
  2. Casting Directors Have To Pay To Cast Talent.
  3. It’s Impossible To Find Good Talent On A Casting Platform.
  4. Casting Platforms Have Small Talent Databases.
  5. Casting Call Posting Is A Long And Complex Process.
  6. Talent Can Submit Only Via Email.
  7. Casting Director Can Contact Talent Only Via Email Or Phone.
  8. Casting Platforms Offer Only Specific Niche Talent.

The World Wide Web's influence on every single aspect of our lives and industries has been undeniable. Even on casting! But, as it tends to happen with new features to decades' proven approaches, casting platforms sometimes happen to get viewed a bit ambiguously. Is there any truth to the myths?

Myth #1: Casting Platforms Are A Scam

For a very long time, the only way for talent without agents to audition was by attending an open audition. This meant there was, and still is, a limit for talent to be available for consideration by the casting directors. Let alone all the time it consumes.

Casting platforms offer a convenient way of finding what type of talent you are looking for. You can even do the lookout yourself, without waiting for people to apply, by using the search tools criteria for whatever it is you specifically need or simply browsing the database of actors.

Types of talent

Can it all really be so simple? Why wouldn’t it be? Technological developments within the entertainment industry are faster than ever, so casting calls online is a logical step towards providing both sides with an increasingly more immediate and more convenient way of getting to what they want.

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Myth #2: Casting Directors Have To Pay To Cast Talent

Still, looking for a catch within the casting platforms? No, you won’t need to increase the budget if you plan to do the casting call online. Possibly, you’ll even be able to save some money since platform like allcasting doesn't charge anything for casting call posting. 

These platforms are not talent agents or agencies, so they won’t be negotiating with you on behalf of the actors - whatever it is you offer, as the salary for the casting call is final.

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Casting directors don’t have to pay the platforms at all if they are posting on such websites allcasting. As a casting professional, you're only obligated to pay the promised salary to the talented cast. It’s an easy and transparent process, really.

Myth #3: It’s Impossible To Find Good Talent On A Casting Platform

Yes, you probably won’t find already established Hollywood movie stars awarded for their acting skills on casting platforms. But that isn’t what you are looking for in the first place, either, right?

Casting platforms are the perfect place to find new talent with the exact specific skillset you may be looking for. From opera singing and salsa dance moves to flamboyant barista movements and ice skating pirouettes, casting for your upcoming project couldn’t get easier.

With that said, if you can’t find the exact talent you were looking for in the massive talent pool, it was not meant to be. Just kidding! Give it another try - the right talent is only one click away!

Myth #4: Casting Platforms Have Small Talent Databases

On platforms like allcasting, there’s a database of nearly 2 million available talent with various backgrounds, experiences, and skill sets. Let’s put that into perspective - there is more talent on one platform, with their full information, photos, and work videos, than people in some countries. 

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From Broadway to Hollywood - actors, voice actors, all kinds of models, content creators, and more. A platform like allcasting offers all kinds of talent for any type of production. 

Myth #5: Casting Call Posting Is A Long And Complex Process

It is not, of course. Even if you are unfamiliar with the process on casting platforms, you surely have a general idea of how job vacancies or selling advertisements work on the Internet.

Casting call posting type

While each casting platform has a slightly different form, the basic information you’ll need to provide remains more or less the same: title, location, timetable for the active call, salary for the talent, category, broader description, as well as other details, like age, gender, ethnicity and role amount available. So, all of these things are what you know as soon as the need for a casting call arises.

You’ll have to go through the applications or check the talent pool yourself, but that’s why you’re the casting director. When using casting platforms, this process and all the following steps are a piece of cake.

Myth #6: Talent Can Submit Only Via Email

Once you have posted the casting call, it’s time for the talent to apply for it.

Casting platforms normally don’t allow sending applications without signing up on them first. This means they immediately have their whole biography package at hand whenever the desired role arises.

allcasting offers casting directors an opportunity to collect all submissions on the platform with the easy-apply function. This submission type allows casting directors to easily browse through all the applicants on the platform, shortlist, and decline them. Once you're done with the shortlist, you can easily batch-message all the chosen talent with further casting instructions. 

Myth #7: Casting Director Can Contact Talent Only Via Email Or Phone

At the very core of casting platforms is the convenience for both the talent and the casting directors. Everything is in the same place at once!

The majority of casting platforms feature messaging options, so you don’t have to jump between various communication forms. Once the casting director has chosen the candidates from applications, he or she can simply message the talent on the very same platform they applied.

Myth #8: Casting Platforms Offer Only Specific Niche Talent

Casting platforms are for everybody! Anyone can join them and make their unique talents available for casting calls.

As a result, it’s hard to imagine diversity within the talent pool could get any bigger than it is at the casting platforms. There are no restrictions regarding what type of talents the users can list, and every single skill set can become a tool for getting cast

Millions of individual users mean there is an unprecedented variety of talent available for each and every specific casting. A win-win situation for any casting call or talent looking for work.

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