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With its highs and lows, the year 2020 had its winners and losers. Despite the challenges, the film industry managed to adapt and did it fast! With almost everything closed, we had no option but to move online. Whether you are a film industry expert, fan, or just bored - streaming services like Netflix or Amazon cover part of your and many others' needs. By April 2020, Netflix had almost 183 million subscribers, increasing to nearly 193 million subscribers by July 2020 [1]. Although we still don't have official data on total paid subscribers, it's estimated that Netflix has ended the year with nearly 200 million paid subscribers.

From big screens to smaller ones. 2020 turned out to be extremely successful for some. Take Adam Sandler; his only movie was Uncut Gems - it's estimated that Netflix paid him $31 million, it's 75% of what he made all year! Hollywood veterans like Angelina Jolie and Gal Gadot have lost their throne to Modern Family star Sofia Vergara.

We have completed a list of the highest-paid actors and actresses of 2020, according to Forbes.

1. Dwayne Johnson, $87.5 million

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For the second year in a row, Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, dominates the list. All thanks to Netflix's upcoming 'Red Notice' and successful Under Armour line.

  1. Ryan Reynolds, $71.5 million

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Reynolds has secured 2nd place thanks to Netflix's 'Red Notice' and 'Six Underground.' However, there's another Reynolds' movie in the production, which means another eight-figure paycheck.

3. Mark Wahlberg, $58 million

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Apart from producing 'McMillions' and 'Wahl Street,' Wahlberg earned his millions by starring in Netflix's hird-most-watched original film 'Spenser Confidential.'

4. Ben Affleck, $55 million

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For Ben, 2020 was wild - surrounded by juicy gossips and paparazzi shots of him that have turned into memes. However, ''The Way Back'' and Netflix'sNetflix's ''The Last Thing He Wanted'' made him the 4th highest-paid actor.

5. Vin Diesel, $54 million

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Due to film delays, Diesel missed his chance to collect a massive paycheck. Regardless, he stays on top5 by producing the animated Netflix series Fast & Furious Spy Racers.

6. Akshay Kumar, $48.5 million

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Currently, Bollywood star Kumar is working on his first TV series, 'The End' for Amazon prime. However, he has earned most of his millions through the wide range of endorsement deals - from multivitamins to house cleaning supplies.

7. Lin-Manuel Miranda, $45.5 million

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Miranda did huge last year! Never featured on the Forbes list, he made it to the top 7 - all thanks to Disney's Hamilton, which became a worldwide sensation. It's estimated that Miranda will receive his next enormous paycheck along with the 'In the Height' movie drop.

8. Will Smith, $44.5 million

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Will Smith successfully combined a few leading roles and mobile phone hits, including a Snapchat series and his Instagram account with more than 50 million followers. He remains loved by his fans and one of the highest-paid actors alive.

9. Sofia Vergara, $43 million

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Modern Family's star Vergara is the highest-paid actress of 2020. After the end of the TV show, she became a judge on 'America's Got Talent' and earned her millions through endorsement and licensing deals, such as a line of jeans at 'Walmart' and furniture at 'Rooms To Go'.

10. Adam Sandler, $41 million

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Sandler's has become one of Netflix's favorite actors. After 'Murder Mystery' became a huge success, he signed a contract with the streaming giant for another four movies. In 2020 Sandler gave us 'Uncut Gems', which earned him 75% of his total earning last year.

11. Jackie Chan, $40 million

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After six active decades of an iconic career, Chan continues to bring us happiness. During the last year, he did another five movies, endorsements, and licensing deals.

12. Angelina Jolie, $35.5 million

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Film industry veteran Jolie is one of the rare actors who earned most of her millions from traditional films. She earned her biggest paycheck from Marvel's 'The Eternals', which has a $200 million budget.

13. Gal Gadot, $31.5 million

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Gadot didn't earn her massive paycheck just from 'Wonder Woman 1984', in fact, most of her earnings come from Netflix. She collected around $20 million from her part in 'Red Notice.'

14. Melissa McCarthy, $25 million

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McCarthy's millions mostly are coming from HBO Max's and Netflix's movies directed by her husband, Ben Falcone. She also NBC's 'Little Big Shots' and has secured Ursula's role in the upcoming live-action 'Little Mermaid.'

15. Meryl Streep, $24 million

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The iconic Meryl Streep keeps it classy. Her millions come from movies like HBO Max's 'Let Them All Talk,' 'The Prom,' and 'Little Women.'

16. Emily Blunt, $22.5 million

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Blunt secured a massive eight-figure paycheck from 'A Quiet Place', which grossed $341 million with just a $17 million budget. It's estimated that 'Jungle Cruise' will bring her at least another seven-figure pay.

17. Nicole Kidman, $22 million

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Kidman received an eight-figure upfront salary for her role in Netflix's 'The Prom'. Additionally, she'll earn $1 million per HBO's 'The Undoing' episode.

18. Ellen Pompeo, $19 million

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Pompeo is earning around $500,00 per Grey's Anatomy episode. However, she adds almost $10 million from her syndication profits.

19. Elisabeth Moss, $16 million

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Apart from earning $1 million per Hulu's 'The Handmaid's Tale' episode, Moss received a massive pay from 'Invisible Man' that grossed $134.3 million with a $7 million budget.

20. Viola Davis, $15.5 million

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Davis breaks into the list for the first time with seven-figure paychecks she collected from Netflix's 'Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom' and TV drama series 'How to Get Away with Murder'.

Is being on Netflix guarantees you a spot on the highest-paid actors' list? Almost. If looking back on the mentioned ones and their income sources, most of their millions come from the streaming giant. However, despite their Netflix appearances, some A-list actors didn't make it to the top 20, such as Jennifer Aniston or Timothée Chalamet. It's clear that the industry is changing, although the outcome is uncertain, it's clear that small screens are winning over the big ones right now.

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