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Seeking Equity Performers for 2024-2025 Season Show

North Hollywood, CA, United States
ID: 260291Exp: 4/26/2024

The company is holding auditions for 2024-2025 Season Show and looking for equity performers, please see the details below. About the project: THE BROTHERS SIZE (Audrey Skirball Kenis Theater) First Rehearsal - July 9, 2024 First Preview - August 14, 2024 Opening - August 22, 2024 Closing - September 8, 2024, but could extend until September 22, 2024. WAITING FOR GODOT (Gil Cates Theater) First Rehearsal - October 1, 2024 First Preview - November 6, 2024 Opening - November 14, 2024 Closing - December 15, 2024 "NOISES OFF" First Rehearsal – Tuesday, August 13, 2024 Preview – Thursday, September 12, 2024 Opening – Sunday, September 22, 2024 Closing – Sunday, October 27, but could extend until November 24, 2024 Gil Cates Theater at Geffen Playhouse, Los Angeles: First Rehearsal - TBD First Preview - January 29, 2025 Opening - February 6, 2025 Closing - March 9, 2025 FURLOUGH’S PARADISE (Gil Cates Theater) WEST COAST PREMIERE First Rehearsal - March 18, 2025 First Preview - April 16, 2025 Opening - April 24, 2025 Closing - May 18, 2025 THE RESERVOIR" (Gil Cates Theater) WORLD PREMIERE Written by Jack Brasch First Rehearsal - May 20, 2025 First Preview - June 18, 2025 Opening - June 26, 2025 Closing - July 20, 2025 Rate: CONTRACT LORT Non-Rep $1100 weekly minimum (LORT B) - Gil Cates Theater $807 weekly minimum (LORT D) - Audrey Skirball Kenis Theater Additional info: Please prepare a 1-2 minute monologue in the spirit of one of the plays listed tor the season. Also, please bring your headshot and resume stapled together.

This casting call has expired.
Not accepting new submissions.
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18 roles

Ogun Henri SizeMale26-40 y.o.All ethnicities

A man of color, auto mechanic. "The Brothers Size"

Oshoosi SizeMale20-39 y.o.All ethnicities

A man of color, ex-con, out on parole, younger brother to Ogun. He’s a singer. "The Brothers Size"

ElegbaMale26-29 y.o.All ethnicities

Ex-con, prison mate and best friend of Oshoosi. Of Creole heritage. "The Brothers Size"

LuckyMale18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

"Waiting For Godot"

Brooke Ashton/VickiBoth genders18-25 y.o.All ethnicities

Young, idealistic; inexperienced. Describes herself as “probably best known as the girl wearing nothing but ‘good, honest, natural froth’ in the Hauptbahnhofbrau lager commercial.” Not a great actress. Spacey. A bit ditzy. Forgetful, often losing things. Cannot see without her contacts. Currently sleeping with Lloyd Dallas, the director. In Nothing On, Brooke plays Vicki, an Englishwoman, who secretly works for the tax authority, and is trying to woo Roger. "Noises Off"

Belinda Blair/Flavia BrentBoth genders30-49 y.o.All ethnicities

(This principal role has been cast) British; a talented, veteran actress; charming, reliable, positive. Consistently trying to keep the production going. Knows all the gossip. Busybody. In Nothing On, Belinda plays Flavia, an Englishwoman, who secretly tries to use the play’s house with her husband. The character is dependable, though not crazy about household duties. "Noises Off"

Lloyd DallasMale40-59 y.o.All ethnicities

The director of the play. Passionate. Sarcastic. Can be snooty, and doesn’t seem to care much for Nothing On. Has a temper that he works to keep in check during rehearsals. Suave, Smooth, Charming. He’s secretly sleeping with both Brooke and Poppy. "Noises Off"

Garry Lejeune/Roger TramplemainMale30-49 y.o.All ethnicities

Professional and easily fired up. Tries to keep the show going. Acts as if he is the show’s lead. Prone to jealousy. Vague. Rarely finishes his sentences. Currently engaged in an affair with his much older castmate, Dotty. In Nothing On, he plays Roger Tramplemain, an English real estate agent who is attempting to rent the house to a Sheikh as well as use it as a place to secretly cavort with Vicki. "Noises Off"

Tim AllgoodBoth genders30-39 y.o.All ethnicities

The production’s stage and company manager. Exhausted. Over-worked. Sleep-deprived. In additions to his admin duties, Tim understudies Selsdon and Frederick. Earnest. Frantic. Nervous. "Noises Off"

MINAFemale25-35 y.o.African-American

Whose name means ‘love,’ an only child, a cousin, born 1991, moves with the illusion of having everything under control, cares deeply, radical, yet to find her truest self (on the verge of this), the responsible one, grounded with expensive taste, has forgotten the sound of her own laugh, feels where she’s been under her skin but cannot show it, a Blackgirl becoming grown, perhaps a woman dreaming towards more true language. "Furlough’s Paradise"

SADEFemale25-39 y.o.African-American

Whose name means ‘honor earns a crown’ or ‘rain’, mina call her ‘de, an only child, a cousin, born 1991, quick-wit, infinite sense of humor and self, cares deeply for her communities, a dreamer, logical and calculating, has a very clear map to freedom, has grown up in prison, tough edges. "Furlough’s Paradise"

JOSHMale20-34 y.o.White / Caucasian

(He/Him, any ethnicity) A Queer, Jewish, neurotic lost soul. On medical leave from NYU. Wannabe writer/performer. Moves through life with a manic need to understand. Charming, funny, and hopelessly at sea. "The Reservoir"

BEVFemale65-79 y.o.All ethnicities

(She/Her) A loving but no-bullshit Jewish grandma. Endlessly curious, sharp as a tack, and relentless. Calls it like it is. "The Reservoir"

SHRIMPYMale65-79 y.o.All ethnicities

(He/Him) A lovable schmuck of a Jewish grandpa. A jokester. A total piece of shit, but impossible not to love. "The Reservoir"

HANKMale65-79 y.o.White / Caucasian

A judgmental conservative Nebraskan Christian grandfather. Ultimately decent, but prickly. "The Reservoir"

IRENEFemale65-79 y.o.White / Caucasian

(She/Her) A kind Nebraskan grandma with a lovely singing voice. The sweetest person in the whole wide world. In the late stages of Alzheimer’s. "The Reservoir"

PATRICIABoth genders45-55 y.o.All ethnicities

Josh's Mom. Hurt and angered by Josh’s recent behavior. Comic chops, vulnerability, and finesse. (Doubles as JEANETTE MCFOLLY, LENNI, AA LADY, and RABBI SILVER) "The Reservoir"

HUGOMale36-44 y.o.Latino / Hispanic

(He/Him) A long-time bookstore manager. Desperately believes in books and the store. Reserved...until he isn't. Has the ability to transform, comic chops, and finesse. (Doubles as TAYLOR, YAAKOV STERN, COUNSELOR RICK, SPONSOR, WAITER, and NURSE) "The Reservoir"