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Seeking Cast for "W/C" Short Horror Film

San Francisco, CA, United States
ID: 233068Exp: 6/16/2023
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Casting actors for "W/C" — a silent folk horror short film based on Lewis Carroll’s poem “The Walrus and the Carpenter” from Alice Through the Looking-Glass. Please see the details below. ONLY LOCAL TALENT WILL BE CONSIDERED. About the project: SYNOPSIS: W/C follows two destitute fellows known only as “W” and “C.” The pair traverse a dystopian landscape with four Spats (juvenile oysters) who grow increasingly fearful of their uncertain situation as they come across surreal sights and folk inhabiting this chaotic world. Rate: Food and beverages will be provided, as well as a travel stipend. Each participant will receive IMDb credit. Additional info: SHOOTING DATES: Currently aiming to begin shooting in September 2023. Scheduling based on actor/crew availability. FILMING LOCATIONS: Generally between San Francisco and Santa Cruz, with emphasis on the coast (e.g. Pacifica’s beaches and trails). Final locales TBD. Please see the attachments for more details. When applying, please include an audition video (see the instructions attached below); headshot/resume, and (preferably) reel; general availability in September/October. SUBJECT LINE: “W/C – your name, preferred pronouns, character(s) you’re auditioning for”

This casting call has expired.
Not accepting new submissions.
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18 roles

W (WALRUS)Male26-44 y.o.All ethnicities

6'2" or taller. Though W may seem numb to this world, his eyes spell a tragic existence. Despite this, he still tries to find beauty amidst the chaos. Massive in stature with a walk akin to an infant (think Karloff as Frankenstein's Creature).

C (CARPENTER)Male26-44 y.o.All ethnicities

5'6" to 51". W's smaller companion, C is entirely unhinged. Croquet mallet in hand, he carries himself like a rabid rat sniffing the air for its next meal. He sees the world as his oyster, exerting power over those smaller than him.

ELDER OYSTERMale40-65 y.o.All ethnicities

Around 5'10". Though one might perceive Elder Oyster as a matronly guardian to the Spats, her intentions are potentially as sinister as C's; or perhaps, like W, she is merely searching for what beauty is left amidst all the chaos.

SPEC SPATBoth genders18-29 y.o.All ethnicities

The unofficial "leader" who looks out for the others and, through cracked spectacles, sees all.

TEDDY SPATBoth genders18-29 y.o.All ethnicities

The youngest and most sensitive of the group who always clings to a stuffed teddy bear.

RACCOON SPATBoth genders18-29 y.o.All ethnicities

Bearing a raccoon skin cap, this Spat only sees what's on the surface and struggles to keep up.

PILOT SPATBoth genders18-29 y.o.All ethnicities

Sporting a leather aviator cap, Pilot Spat proves blissfully ignorant to the world around.

MAIDS (x7)Male46-56 y.o.All ethnicities

No height requirement. Aging men in frilly maid outfits who toil in a cemetery. Most of them have forgotten why they're there, yet they still build graves, "clean' the graves with mops, and "paint" roses with dried-out brushes.

WHITE RABBITBoth genders18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

No age requirement. Around 5'10". Wearing a stitched-together rabbit mask, the White Rabbit is an enigmatic character only Spec Spat sees. The White Rabbit's brief appearance heralds what lies ahead for the Spats on their journey. "Actor MUST be a good mover (contortionist a HUGE plus).

A GoatBoth genders18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

A MouseBoth genders18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

A LizardBoth genders18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

A DodoBoth genders18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

FLOWER MONARCHBoth genders26-55 y.o.All ethnicities

Female or non-binary. No height requirement. Elegant and regal, the Flower Monarch represents the untouched beauty of nature, standing at the center of a dance circle and leading it as a conductor leads an orchestra.

TIGER LILTBoth genders20-35 y.o.All ethnicities

Female or non-binary. FLOWER DANCER.

LARKSPURBoth genders20-35 y.o.All ethnicities

Female or non-binary. FLOWER DANCER.

DAISYBoth genders20-35 y.o.All ethnicities

Female or non-binary. FLOWER DANCER.

VIOLETBoth genders20-35 y.o.All ethnicities

Female or non-binary. FLOWER DANCER.