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Professional Casting for "In the Heights" Play

Omaha, NE, United StatesID: 214564Exp: 2/11/2023

ONLY LOCAL TALENT WILL BE ACCEPTED. "In the Heights" is a Tony Award-winning musical that announcement auditions for performers. Please see the details below. About the project: From the revolutionary mind of Lin-Manuel Miranda, this Tony Award®-winning musical recounts three days in the vibrant neighborhood of Washington Heights, NYC, where Latino residents chase American dreams. This bubbly fusion of rap, salsa, Latin pop, and soul music boasts an infectious enthusiasm from beginning to end. Rate: $700.00 Additional info: First Rehearsal: April 26, 2023 Show Dates: Wednesday-Sunday June 9-June25, 2023 16-32 bars of pop/rock song, or a song in the style of the show, that showcases your voice. Singing from the show is okay. No legit/standard musical theatre/opera. Auditioners are welcome and encouraged to also sing in Spanish, but please have another option as well. Those wishing to be considered for Usnavi or Sonny are welcome to also prep a short rap if asked, but not required. Please see the attachment for details. If you are interested, please apply.

This casting call has expired.
Not accepting new submissions.
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12 roles

Usnavi de la VegaMale20-29 y.o.Latino / Hispanic

The protagonist, he owns the corner bodega left to him by his deceased parents, and longs to visit his beloved birthplace, the Dominican Republic. His parents immigrated to New York when he was a child, and he has not returned to DR since then. He has a special relationship with Abuela Claudia, who is not actually his grandmother, but is as close as family to him. He is in love with Vanessa but struggles to share his feelings.

Nina RosarioFemale18-22 y.o.Latino / Hispanic

Nina, a first-generation college student, has just returned home from her first year at Stanford University. She is the daughter of Kevin and Camila Rosario, the owners of the local car service. The community looks to her as a symbol of success, as someone who has achieved great things outside "the Heights". She is a do-gooder who struggles with trying to make her community and family proud, and trying to forge her own path and identity. Excellent vocalist; strong belt/mix to an E. Good mover.

Camila RosarioFemale45-65 y.o.Latino / Hispanic

Camila is the co-owner of Rosario's Car Service with her husband Kevin. They emigrated to New York from Puerto Rico at a young age, striving to create a better life for themselves and their daughter, Nina. They face the struggles of business owners in an expensive city. Loving but firm. Great singer.

Kevin RosarioMale45-65 y.o.Latino / Hispanic

The owner of Rosario's Car Service, Camila's husband, and father to Nina. After emigrating from Puerto Rico, he worked hard his entire life to build his business and provide for his family. He can be stubborn and proud. He is Nina’s fiercest champion, and though his intentions are in the right place, this creates pressure on what she expects of herself. Represents the complexities of the immigrant’s “American Dream.” Great singer.

Abuela ClaudiaFemale64-66 y.o.Latino / Hispanic

The warm matriarch of the neighborhood, she emigrated to New York from Cuba when she was very young, before the Revolution. She has raised Usnavi since his parents died. She serves as the guiding light and sage for many in the community: everyone’s Abuela. Also represents the complexities of the immigrant’s “American Dream,” of her generation. Her title song “Paciencia y Fe” embodies her ethos of patience and faith. Strong belt to a C. Spanish-speaking is a plus.

VanessaFemale20-29 y.o.Latino / Hispanic Other

, Latina/mixed race/ She works at Daniela’s salon and longs to make her way out of Washington Heights. She deals with family issues that make her feel stuck and defensive at times, but she maintains her hopeful outlook. She is close friends with Nina and is the object of Usnavi's hidden affection, for whom she has a soft spot. Excellent singer/belter and excellent dancer.

BennyMale20-29 y.o.African-American

Black/non-Latino Benny is best friends with Usnavi, and in love with Nina, even though her father disapproves, in large part due to cultural differences. Benny is a driver for Rosario's, who grew up having to make his own way, and who Kevin took under his wing. Benny hopes to someday own his own car service and represents the hard work and optimism of a hopeful entrepreneur. Excellent dancer and singer.

Graffiti PeteBoth genders18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

(*This character is traditionally Male but open to changing this. For now, breakdown will usthe e “he” pronoun, but this is not fixed.) He is the comedic nemesis of Usnavi, a graffiti artist who tags up Usnavi’s bodega, always with a boombox and spray cans in town. He is friends with Sonny, which concerns Usnavi. But he winds up pleasantly surprising Usnavi in the end by lending his artistic talent in a moving way. Excellent dancer, street and salsa styles.

DanielaFemale30-49 y.o.Latino / Hispanic

She is the savvy, strong-willed, straight-talking owner of the salon next to Usnavi’s bodega. Her business is also a victim of gentrification and emigrated from Puerto Rico. A mentor to Vanessa and Carla in a tough love style. Spanish-speaking is a plus. Great mover and singer with strong belt.

CarlaFemale20-39 y.o.Latino / Hispanic

She works at Daniela's salon; she looks up to her and is a loyal sidekick. She can be naive at times but is not a ditz, and always means well. She provides comedic relief with her rose-colored glasses outlook. Great singer/strong belt/mix; great mover.

Piragua GuyMale30-56 y.o.Latino / Hispanic

A hard worker with a buoyant and positive energy, hemakes his living selling flavored shaved ice, “piraguas,” from his mobile street cart in Washington Heights; has a rivalry with Mister Softee, an iconic NY ice-cream truck, who threatens his business. A very strong presence in the community, his piraguas are a nostalgic reminder of the flavor of the islands so many of the residents once called home. Spanish speaking a plus. Excellent singer, and tenor. Good mover.

EnsembleBoth genders18-56 y.o.All ethnicities

Residents to make up the strong community of Washington Heights. The ensemble is heavily used in the storytelling of this show. Must be excellent dancers in street and salsa styles, and excellent singers.