What to Wear to a Model Casting?

What to Wear to a Model Casting

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  1. What to Bring in Your Bag to Model Casting?
    1. Heels.
    2. Accessories.
    3. Makeup.
    4. Underwear.
  2. What Not to Wear to a Model Casting?

Modeling auditions can cause you to be anxious, but with the right amount of preparation, you can beat the odds. Here is what you can do for your next modeling audition;

The first thing you should look out for is your appearance. If you're going to an open casting call, it is best to wear accessories that best fit the role and look the part.


Remember the big bag you once said you didn't need? Well, you're going to need them now. You should not have to wear them all the way from home. This is where the bag comes in handy. You may not need to wear heels to the casting, but agencies and companies might want to see you walk in them. It is best you bring yours so you're sure you have one that fits, and you are sure you are comfortable in them. It is best to wear stilettos in black or nude shades.

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A modest, flattering outfit is usually the best go-to outfit. Researching what top models wear to auditions could be a better guide. Remember it is an audition so you know it is also a competition so you will have to bring your all. Dressing unnatural colors, if you want to show off your legs, a skirt or a dress is your greatest weapon.

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Apply just enough makeup to bring out your best features. You shouldn't. However, this does not mean you should come in with full-on make. This means you should avoid bright lipstick, false eyelashes, and heavy eye makeup. The natural features of your face, the health of your hair, and almost bare skin are what directors are looking for. The moment before your appointment, you might want to freshen up your makeup. It is good to have a concealer and lip balm with you. 

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This serves as a platform for all your outfits. Good underwear is important for a lot of reasons, even though they won't always be visible (unless you're having an interview for something that would require you to be in them, like a lingerie or swimwear shoot). A comfy pair of line-free underwear is also something you want. Because it won't be as obvious in any clothing you need to wear, wearing naked underwear is a terrific idea. A naked thong is a common item carried by models and is not recommended.

What to Bring in Your Bag to Model Casting?

When going for castings, an agency can choose to make specific requests, so going there fully prepared is what you’ll need to do using these directions.

Some agencies might request something slightly different depending on the type of modeling role or brand you are going in for. They may ask you to come with shaved legs or a certain hairdo.

What to Bring in Your Bag to Model Casting

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Here are some basic things that you will need to come along with:

  1. Heels. As mentioned earlier, heels are a vital model bag staple for model castings.

  2. Water and snacks. The probability that food or water will be provided or available to be purchased is low, so you should come with yours. Knowing you are casting alongside a number of people so you might be there for a while. You will need to keep yourself hydrated.

  3. A book/magazine. Castings can take so long to get to your turn, so it’s a good idea to bring something with you to keep yourself entertained.

  4. Underwear. As mentioned earlier, many models will bring bare thongs in case they need to try on outfits that may reveal their underwear.

  5. Important Documents. You may need to bring your ID. You can also print directions to and from castings (just in case the phone goes off) and information about your brand.

  6. A hairbrush or comb. You should ensure their hair looks unknotted and well-maintained or however the agency requires.

  7. Have fun; yes, you read this right. If this is your passion, enjoy it! Have fun! Absorb all the knowledge so you can become a pro!

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What Not to Wear to a Model Casting

Now, let’s talk about what to Not wear at all costs. As a model, you wear clothes chosen by designers. They pick out outfits you can wear and may make decisions about your hair, makeup, and accessories. So you should present yourself as a blank canvas that they can imagine wearing what they want the models to wear, all while still appearing stylish yourself. 

What Not to Wear to a Model Casting

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Here are a couple of things that are a big NO:

  1. Wearing crazy patterned clothes. Wearing over-the-top accessories could make you stand out, but that could also be the reason you are turned down. Don’t show up trying to set a fashion trend – you’re there to show that you can be the one wearing the clothes they want to set the trend.

  2. Vibrant make-up and hair. This will definitely count against you. Wearing make-up is good, but it should be very light and not far from your real skin tone and texture. Natural hair is best. Don’t spend hours creating a fancy hairstyle since you’ll probably be asked to take it down. However, you don’t want to show up looking like you need to take a shower and clean up.

  3. Pay. Everyone hates this question. Will I be paid? If you are new in the modeling game, there is another incentive, like trade for port, meaning you can use the photos taken in your portfolio. Otherwise, if you are an established model, you should discuss pay once you audition. There may be another incentive with clothes or exposure all depends on what is expected from you, and up to you to determine if it's right for you. 

  4. Attitude. We know waiting in the long line alongside other models can be nerve-racking, however, do not bring any sassy attitude because it can cost you your audition.

Now that you know what to wear to your next model gig. There is the simple issue of where to find modeling gigs. You can find open casting calls on our website, allcasting.com. It’s fast, simple, and straightforward. So sign up now and start applying!

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