What is a Profile Rating on allcasting?

At allcasting, we have two goals.

  1. To get YOU cast for projects.
  2. To give Casting Directors the best talents for their projects. 

We're excited to announce that this week we have rolled out an update that will help us achieve these goals better — Profile Ratings.

How work talent profile ratings on allcasting

The idea is simple — each allcasting talent profile automatically gets a rating depending on its completion and activity. Better-rated profiles will appear higher in searches made by casting directors. This, in turn, will improve that talent's chance to get cast.


It's no secret that having a complete profile is the single most important thing for getting a call back on allcasting… even without the user rating system in place.

This is because casting directors want to have as much information as possible about talent before they invite them to an audition. Someone with bad photos, no details about their size, skills, and experience is an unknown quantity, and casting directors don't like blind dates. Even if you're perfect for the role, if the casting director can't deduce that from your profile, then you won't get a callback. 

These kinds of applicants are not only wasting their own time but the casting director's as well. As a result, we're failing at both of our goals — if your profile is bad, then you're not getting cast for projects, nor are we sending casting directors the best talent for their projects. 

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The Profile Ratings change this — they encourage you to create the best profile you can, plus casting directors can immediately see what profiles they want to take a look at without having to go through the bad ones. 

How does it work?

Simple — the more complete your profile and the more active you are on the website, the better your rating. Each element of your profile has been assigned a point value. By filling out that element, you get points and rank higher among talents. 

Among the most point-rich elements are things like headshots, skills, and experience. Almost everything has some value, so even things like linking your social media and filling out your eye color will help improve your rating. 

Example of good profile on allcasting

But that's not all. Everyone knows that landing a gig is a numbers game. If you're serious about performing, you have to apply, apply, apply. So a fraction of the ratings you can gain is also related to your activity.

What activity exactly? We cannot go into detail about specifics regarding point values and concrete tasks to avoid people gaming the system and to ensure a fair environment on the allcasting platform. 

Know this — if you complete your profile and frequently apply to casting calls, your rating will be fantastic.

That being said — it's time for you to go and see how you can improve your profile! This is your chance to stand out on allcasting and land more jobs, so don't let it go to waste. Don't hesitate to go to the Talents section and sneak a peek at the top-rated profiles — see what they're doing right and apply that to your own profile! Soon enough, you'll be right there among the stars!

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