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Are you a casting director located in the US or Canada willing to cast talent for your next production?

Our casting technology can cover all your casting needs. From Broadway to Hollywood, we deliver all kinds of talent for any type of production. Actors, models, dancers, singers, and others with different backgrounds are ready to get cast by YOU! Talent filter, automated submission filter, talent scouting and manual filtering are just some of the services we offer. Our concierge team is ready to assist you on every step to make your casting process as fast and smooth as possible.

In our database, you'll find millions of talent - their portfolios contain all the information you need to make your decision to invite them for an audition or not. You can easily contact talent through our messaging center.

Everything in the entertainment industry needs to move fast. There can be cases when you need to find someone for tomorrow because your actor got sick, ghosted your, or for any other reason. We're all ready to fill that role for you!

Your perfect cast might be just a few clicks away! What are you waiting for?

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