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How Do I Find Casting Calls in Connecticut?

One of the best ways to find acting jobs in Connecticut is to secure the services of an agent.

These industry experts help find you auditions and advocate on your behalf. However, finding a good agent can be strenuous, especially if you're just starting your career. Luckily, there are other ways to navigate the industry. We discuss these below.

Look For Acting Jobs Online

Search online for potential audition opportunities. You can look on casting websites or agency websites and run a search for acting auditions or jobs in your area.


Another good way to find auditions in Connecticut is to ask other professionals(actors, writers, producers, and entertainment individuals) within the area.

People are likely to share information about auditions, casting, or performance opportunities amongst themselves before they reach mainstream channels.

So, asking about potential auditions or work events within your network can eventually lead to acting jobs.

Research Casting Calls

While some casting calls are open to the public, anyone interested in auditioning is free to do so; others are open only to certain agencies or pre-selected groups of which you must be a member to audition.

Producers often post information about open casting calls online or in industry publications, so regularly review these locations for casting call opportunities.

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Open Casting Calls in Connecticut

Create a Website and a Social Media Account

In today's digital world, having a website is in the actor's best interest. It should include your headshots, acting resume, reels, and video compilations of previous acting work. You can send your website's URL to prospective employers, add a link to it on your social media pages, and potentially gain recognition from casting directors, directors, or producers who may find your webpage independently.

Talk With Local Theaters or Studios

Another way to learn about potential auditions and acting opportunities is to contact local theaters or film studios directly.

Aside from learning about acting work, this can also allow you to add other actors and directors to your professional network, increasing the chances that they might call you when they need someone for a specific role or if they're holding auditions.

Build Your Resume

While you look for paying high-profile jobs, continue to build your acting resume and skill set. You can take acting classes, teach kids about acting, perform with community theater organizations, or produce your work to post online. The more experience you have and the more people in the industry you know, the better your chances of continuously engaging in acting jobs are.

How Can I Get Into Casting With No Experience in CT?

The acting industry does not necessarily require you to have any credentials or formal acting training.

If you do a good job during the audition and they think you're right for a part, they will book you irrespective of what's on your resume.

Here are a few ways you can get into casting with no experience in Utah:

Create a Profile on Casting Websites

At the risk of being a bit biased, we recommend opening an account on 

Ensure your profile is up-to-date and as professional as possible. You can do that by including some photos and any credits you have.

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Create Your Basic Marketing Materials

The three main things you will need are a decent headshot, a professionally formatted acting resume, and a demo reel.

Submit Yourself for Lots of Projects

Try to submit yourself to at least ten projects every week (make sure to follow the submission guidelines attached to each project). If you're just starting, you should get about 1-2 audition or self-tape invites each month.

Some of those auditions will result in bookings. For brand new actors, you can expect to book 1 out of every 10-15 auditions you get, as long as your acting technique is good and you've got a good understanding of natural acting.

Where to Find Open Casting Calls in CT?

Casting Agencies

Connecticut is home to numerous casting agencies that work closely with production companies to fill roles for their projects. Thus, registering with a reputable casting agency increases your chances of being considered for various roles. 

Online Websites

Online casting sites remain the most reliable place to find auditions. Main websites like and other websites are dedicated to the Connecticut film and TV industry.

Tips for Connecticut Auditions

By following the below tips, any aspiring actor in Connecticut will have an improved chance of landing their next audition:

  • Put together a professional Resume/Portfolio,
  • Make extensive research about the project before applying,
  • Only apply if you're a good fit,
  • Be Professional,
  • Relax, you've got this!

Gaten Matarazzo, popularly known for his stellar performance as Dustin in "Stranger Things," Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy, and the legendary Robert Mitchum all have something in common. This is their birthplace, the Nutmeg state of Connecticut. 

If these superstars could climb to the top, you can too! Stay informed about Connecticut casting calls and industry news by signing up for allcasting.

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