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Open Roles in Production of "Delivery?"

Burnaby, BC, Canada
ID: 265755Exp: 7/19/2024
online audition

ONLY LOCAL TALENT WILL BE ACCEPTED. Casting actors for "Delivery?" film. Please, see the details below. About the project: The story is set in an apartment complex elevator, showing what seems to be an Indian man's friendly daily encounters but is full of secret discriminate undertones. Rate: Non-principal roles, volunteer, with IMDB credits and demo reels. On-set crafty will be provided. Additional information: Audition location: Online. Production dates: July 20, 2024 - July 21, 2024 (Half day shoot). Production location: Burnaby. When applying, please submit your head shot, demo reel, and portfolio regarding the roles you are interested in.

10 roles

LucyFemale30-60 y.o.All ethnicities

This lady is your typical sweet and loving neighbor, but she unknowingly carries with her biases towards the main character's ethnicity that are quite harmful.

BillyMale18-19 y.o.All ethnicities

Young, energetic, and sociable. He is of Asian descent, born and raised in Canada, that is why he is more open-minded when it comes to matters concerning racial and ethnicity.

TonyMale30-60 y.o.All ethnicities

While moving to Canada in the 70s, he fell off his boat and since then developed a crippling fear of water. He's dehydrated and wears a raincoat 24/7. His views on other ethnicity seems to have stuck back in the 70s.

CheryFemale30-60 y.o.All ethnicities

She is a successful business owner. She is in her work mode all day everyday. Unfortunately because of always being hyper focus on work, she can says things that might be offensive towards the main character based on his ethnicity.

LeeMale30-60 y.o.All ethnicities

The cool uncle has spent his entire life perfecting his table tennis skills. However, he refuses to play with certain groups of people, such as the main characters, based purely on their looks.

RichardMale30-60 y.o.All ethnicities

Well off and likes to show it. Wears expensive clothes and luxury items but is friendly towards the main character's based on his appearance.

JudeMale30-60 y.o.All ethnicities

A rude individual with no sense of personal space and what is appropriate or not. He also has some views towards the main character's ethnicity that are less than well mannered.

JoeMale30-60 y.o.All ethnicities

Pretty much what you'd expect, he's your average Joe. He enjoys barbeque in the weekend, and has a closet of just flannels. However he does have a certain biases towards the main character's ethnicity.

EmilyFemale30-60 y.o.All ethnicities

She's an artist and her sense of fashion shows this. Bold and pushing the norm. She also has a French accent. Unfortunately, she does not carry the same open- mindedness towards the main character because of his race.

HanaFemale30-60 y.o.All ethnicities

She has been in Vancouver for the longest time but she doesn't speak English. Still, her neighbors show her nothing but kindness, but the same cannot be said for how she treats the main character based on his ethnicity.