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Female Actors Needed for a Series titled "The Hibiscus Diaries"

East Orange, NJ, United States
ID: 265748Exp: 8/31/2024
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Currently casting local actresses for the project titled "The Hibiscus Diaries" and for the roles of January, March, April, May, June, and November who are all roommates living in a giant 5-bedroom single apartment complex. The story revolves around each of the five women dealing with their day-to-day struggles and adventures getting through life. A few episodes later, November, the younger sister to January moves in with them. Making the total to six. The title is inspired by the Hibiscus flower that blows through all four seasons. (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall) Non-union Project. Talent must be willing to travel & fully commit to the project. Credit, Footage/Clips for their reels. Travel Reimbursement is only up to 25 miles heading to New Jersey. Fed meals if they need it. Lodging is offered if they wish to stay overnight at an Air BNB with the crew, if they live far & out of state. When applying, please include your headshots, video reels and where you are reporting from.

8 roles

January Cooper (Main Lead)Female18-33 y.o.African-American

18 to 33 years old, Black, West Indies/Caribbean female. Dark Brown complexion. Tall. Athletic & in shape. Adores Mary J. Blige. January is a 27 Junior VP on her way becoming a senior VP. She is the leader of the group of girls & the older sister November who is introverted. January dresses business casual & professional. She is Curt/Straight forward & honest. Intelligent, Ambitious & Serious about her goals & future. Talent must be Tall. (5'7 and or above) No facial piercings or no tattoos.

March Dawson (Supporting Lead)Female18-30 y.o.White / Caucasian

18 to 30 years old, white female. A chubby white woman. She is a Kindergarten teacher who enjoys yoga, nature, cleaning & other things. Dresses casual & girly. Light colors/floral designs. She is warm, bubbly & kind-hearted. She is known to micromanage, be a neat freak & possibly have OCD about how things need to be structured. March is sometimes called the house police as she passive-aggressively tells everyone to respect the apartment.

April Chaudhry (2nd Lead)Female19-25 y.o.Indian/South Asian

19 to 25 years old, South Asian, Southeast Asian female. A Quirky Bi-sexual Indian Woman. Bartender, who is a sex addict. Even though she is a monogamist, she has difficulty in the dating game because of her high sex drive. She is flirtatious, has a dirty mind, witty, comedic and a hopeless romantic. No nudity is involved, but the actress must be comfortable wearing subjective and suggestive clothing. (I.E. Burlesque or Lingerie.) Also flirting and possibly kissing the same sex.

May Espinosa (Minor Recurring Role)Female18-24 y.o.Latino / Hispanic

18 to 24 years old. Childlike and soft-spoken Hispanic Woman, 19, college junior. Youthful appearance & wears glasses. She is sweet, optimistic, innocent, newbie on life. May is treated like the little sister in the group, as she is still young & naive about how the world works. She likes Cooking & Baking. Talent must be between the ages of 18 and 24 as the character is the youngest of the group.

June Song (Series Regular)Female21-30 y.o.Asian

23 to 30 years old, Hot-headed East Asian woman, 26, Supermarket Associate. Has a New York Accent. Dresses tomboyish, urban & down. She has a Short temper, easily agitated, moody & disrespectful. She clashes with January about the rent & with April’s sexual life due to her hearing sexual moaning through the walls. Because June is not black, people normally question her upbringing. They claim she is culturally appropriating.

November Bennet (Day Player)Female18-25 y.o.African-American

18 to 25 years old, Black, West Indies/Caribbean female. Brown or dark brown complexion. Quiet, 21, skilled musician. Younger sister to January, dresses in dark clothing. Introverted, stays to herself. Shy to push her musical talent to mainstream status. She is Unbothered. Quietly stares at people. Eats cereal 24/7. Sits with her knees to her chest. Has a beautiful voice & plays the guitar. Talent must have some ability to sing or carry a tune/note. Can be 5'5 and or above in height.

Sapphire (Day Player)Female18-35 y.o.Latino / Hispanic Other Middle Eastern Native American Pacific Islander Indian/South Asian

A woman who is confident, fearless and charming. She is also a person suffering from Renfield's Syndrome. She gets excited at the sight of blood and attempts to suck it like a Vampire. (Talent must be ok with kissing and being intimate with another actor.)

Destiny Richmond (Series Regular)Female18-30 y.o.African-American

Black hair. Medium or long length. No facial or nose piercings, tattoos, long eyelashes or nails. Slim to average size. Destiny is a rookie cop who hasn't caught a big break yet. She is sweet and caring. She is currently dating Aziz, a childhood friend, unknowingly to her who is a criminal. Destiny finally receives a big break in an ongoing investigation of missing girls, when a 9-year-old girl named Faith is dropped off at her doorstep.