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Short Film "Parking Lot Showdown: Karen" Seeks Actors

Ottawa, ON, Canada
ID: 265547Exp: 7/13/2024
online audition

ONLY LOCAL TALENT WILL BE ACCEPTED. Seeking cast to play roles in a short film "Parking Lot Showdown: Karen". See the details below. Rate: Union. ACTRA MIP HONORARIUM. Additional information: SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN TO ACTRA TALENT ONLY! AUDITION DATES: NO AUDITION - BOOKING OFF SELF-TAPES/REELS. SHOOT DATE: Mon. July 29th - 3:45pm to 9:45pm. SHOOTING LOCATION: Ottawa, ON. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS SATURDAY, JULY 13TH AT 1:00PM (EST). If you're interested, please apply.

This casting call has expired.
Not accepting new submissions.
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3 roles

AvaFemale20-30 y.o.All ethnicities

LEAD ROLE. Ava is a ruthless and cunning young professional, determined to succeed in her career, no matter the cost. Ava is insensitive and lacks empathy, often prioritizing her own interests over others. She is dismissive and disrespectful towards those she perceives as weak or inferior, and has no qualms about stepping on others to get ahead. WARDROBE: Business Attire.

AUGUSTA BLACKWOODFemale60-70 y.o.All ethnicities

LEAD ROLE. Augusta is a wise and experienced elderly African American woman. As the founder of Blackwood Corporation, she has built a successful business through hard work and dedication. She is a natural leader who values patience, empathy, and understanding. Augusta is a good listener and is always willing to offer guidance and advice to those who seek it. However, she suffers from physical limitations that have come with age. MUST BE AN ACTRA MEMBER - FULL OR APPRENTICE.

JULIAN BLACKWOODMale40-50 y.o.All ethnicities

LEAD ROLE. Julian, Augusta’s son, is a confident and charismatic leader. As the CEO of Blackwood Corporation, he is committed to upholding the company's high standards and values. He is a natural people person who is able to build strong relationships with his colleagues and clients. Julian is a strategic thinker who is always looking for ways to improve the company's operations. WARDROBE: Business Attire. MUST BE AN ACTRA MEMBER - FULL OR APPRENTICE.