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Casting Performers for 2024-2025 Season Show

Boston, MA, United States
ID: 265428Exp: 7/27/2024

The company is holding auditions for 2024-2025 season show and looking for actors, please see the details below. About the project: HOW TO NOT SAVE THE WORLD WITH MR. BEZOS Rehearsal 10/8-11/1 Tech 11/2-11/6 Previews 11/7-11/8 Performances 11/9-11/24 SYNOPSIS: A throne of red Solo cups, a pile of teeth, the ghost of Pete Seeger, and a little something for dinner. It’s 2030, and it’s illegal to be a billionaire. Jeffrey Bezos has agreed to give an interview in exchange for information on the federal case against him. But there’s something off about journalist Cherry Beaumont, a crowd is forming outside, and the onstage Fact Checker has a few important clarifications to make. In this near-future fairy tale, the fall of capitalism is about to get very messy. SOFT STAR Rehearsals 10/15-11/8 Tech 11/9-11/13 Previews 11/14-11/15 Performances 11/16-11/24 SYNOPSIS: Jane and Belle are best friends. Their husbands are best friends. Someday, their children will be best friends. And of course, they don’t have any secrets from each other. What could possibly go wrong? A play about what happens when the only plan you’ve ever made starts to unravel. A FIG TREE, AND A PHOENIX, AND A DESIRE TO BE REBORN Rehearsals 1/21-2/14 Tech 2/15-2/19 Previews 2/20-2/21 Performances 2/22-3/9 SYNOPSIS: When 10-year-olds Mandana and Javeed meet under a fig tree, they have an instant connection. Growing up in Iran can feel unpredictable and chaotic – but when Mandana and Javeed are together, they make an enchanted universe with its own rules. They can talk to the stars, love each other forever, and fix whatever’s broken. But how long can two kids stay together under a tree before they’re forced to re-enter the decidedly un-magical world they did not make? "THE RECURSION OF A MOTH" Rehearsals 1/28-2/21 Tech 2/22-2/26 Previews 2/27-2/28 Performances 2/29-3/9 Rate: CONTRACT NEAT $431 weekly minimum (Tier 4) - 26 hours of rehearsal per week (30 hours in tech week), a maximum of 4 performances per week. Additional info: No appointment is necessary. Auditions will be held on a walk-in first-come, first-served basis. The space will be open just a few minutes before 9am. Please prepare a contemporary monologue of 2 minutes or less. Also, please bring your headshot and resume stapled together.

11 roles

Jeffrey BezosMale60-69 y.o.White / Caucasian

The founder and former CEO of Amazon and (at the time of the play) the richest man in the world. Narcissist, calculated, keeps his cool on the surface with a current of fear underneath. Sociopath? "HOW TO NOT SAVE THE WORLD WITH MR. BEZOS"

Cherry BeaumontMale40-49 y.o.White / Caucasian

Programmer. Revolution leader. Tough & determined, amused and in control to start but increasingly unhinged; we need to believe that she could crack and throw a table or slit a man’s throat, or break down crying over a letter from her mother. "HOW TO NOT SAVE THE WORLD WITH MR. BEZOS"

BelleFemale30-35 y.o.White / Caucasian

(Not available for casting) Belle is from an educated upper middle-class family. She is articulate, intelligent, polite, kind, anxious, somewhat plain. "SOFT STAR"

JaneFemale30-35 y.o.White / Caucasian

(Not available for casting). Jane has a high-school education, poorest kid in her neighborhood, raised by a single mother, confident yet antsy, seeking validation. Sexy. "SOFT STAR"

DickMale30-35 y.o.White / Caucasian

(Not available for casting) He/him. Dick is from a working-class background. He's a great friend and loyal husband but he'd rather be tinkering with clocks in his garage. He's unremarkable in looks but a totally nice guy. "SOFT STAR"

MitchMale30-35 y.o.White / Caucasian

(Not available for casting) Mitch is from an educated, wealthy, Jewish family with a generations-old construction business. His mother is overbearing, he's the dutiful son. He's handsome, somewhat cagey but charming. "SOFT STAR"

MandanaFemale18-56 y.o.Middle Eastern

Iranian. To play 10-14. A city girl, born and raised in Mashhad; adventurous, brave, angry. Very intelligent, with an imagination that is so vast it can sometimes extend into “scary” territory. Often talks with the stars. Her thoughts are often in space. (Or, the past.) Loves Javeed more than anyone. "A FIG TREE, AND A PHOENIX, AND A DESIRE TO BE REBORN"

JaveedMale18-56 y.o.Middle Eastern

AMAB. Iranian. To play 10 to 14. A country boy, born in a town to the Southeast of Mashhad, towards the border of Afghanistan; gentle, kind, curious. Not necessarily “brave” by nature but can be when he’s inspired. Imaginative and intelligent, but very grounded. Knows the breath of the earth. His feet are on the ground. Loves Mandana more than anyone. "A FIG TREE, AND A PHOENIX, AND A DESIRE TO BE REBORN"

IcarusMale30-39 y.o.Asian

A time traveler. "THE RECURSION OF A MOTH"

MikeyMale30-39 y.o.All ethnicities

(Not available for casting) He/him. His parents were refugees to the US and he feels out of place. Icarus’ ex. "THE RECURSION OF A MOTH"

CrystalFemale30-39 y.o.Asian

Asian. Icarus’ mother. "THE RECURSION OF A MOTH"