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Blind Buys The Movie Stage Reading Talents Needed

Brooklyn, NY, United States
ID: 265359Exp: 7/18/2024
easy apply

Audition Notice: Live Staged Reading of "BLIND BUYS" Audition Details: - Date: September 1st - Time: 3 PM - 6 PM - Location: TBA - non-union reading (pays small stipend) Event Date: September 14th Time: 3 PM - 6 PM Location: Comedy in Harlem Production: Harlem River Yacht Club's New Romantic Comedy "BLIND BUYS" “BLIND BUYS” is a romantic comedy screenplay set-in modern-day New York; think Malcolm and Marie meets Friday. Logline On a regular day in the projects, BRAYLIN, a failed rapper and would-be Social Media "Unboxer", tries to intercept his package from the building's unknown thief while dealing with an impending change in his relationship.

This casting call has expired.
Not accepting new submissions.
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10 roles

SenoraFemale29-35 y.o.African-American Latino / Hispanic

Female, 30. Afro-Latina, educated, and from the hood. Typically straightforward and open-minded, but currently struggling to express herself. Nicole Behari type.

IsaacMale45-55 y.o.African-American Other

Male, 52. Local street vendor, visibly marked by a blue circle around his eye. Not African, but very connected to African culture.

AnnielleFemale29-36 y.o.African-American Latino / Hispanic

Female, 30. Senora's best friend and sorority sister. From the hood, highly pro-black, and a business owner.

DorisFemale45-50 y.o.African-American

Female, 47. Loud and humorous, known for cursing frequently. Has a not-so-silent rivalry with Senora. Yamaneika Saunders type.

CloudMale35-38 y.o.African-American Latino / Hispanic

Male, 35. A stairway crackhead reminiscent of Samuel L. Jackson in Jungle Fever. Lives in the building, often seen in the hallway smoking crack.

Pop-popMale27-29 y.o.African-American

Male, 29. A young, fly guy who chooses to stay in the hood. Comedic actor with a temperament similar to Ice Cube in Higher Learning.

NiqueMale29-34 y.o.African-American

Male, 29. A humorous, heavyset individual and the second-in-command to Pop-pop in their two-person faction.

SharondaMale28-34 y.o.African-American

Female, tough and seemingly gay due to her New York upbringing and relationship with Pop-pop.

Ricardo the Delivery DriverMale28-33 y.o.Latino / Hispanic White / Caucasian

Male, 28. Very masculine and exuding machismo. Delivers packages with flair. Improv skills are a must. Antonio Banderas type.

Ernie the SuperintendentMale56-56 y.o.African-American Latino / Hispanic

Male, 75. The building superintendent who has witnessed major changes in the neighborhood. Acts as a handyman and a supportive figure for the tenants. Mr. Johnson from Abbott Elementary type.