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The Social Club Web Series

Atlanta, GA, United States
ID: 265168Exp: 7/31/2024
easy apply

The Social Club is a web series that delves deep into the interconnected lives of a diverse group of friends who reunite in their hometown, drawn together by the legacy of a once-legendary lounge. This stylish and atmospheric lounge was inherited by Heiress McKenzie, from her retired father. This lounge becomes a central hub for friends as they navigate through the ups and downs of adulthood, all while rekindling the spirit of unity and moral integrity that originally defined their college friend group, also called "The Social Club."

5 roles

CourtneyFemale18-35 y.o.African-American Latino / Hispanic White / Caucasian

An overworked, and nonchalant boutique owner is struggling to find balance in her life. Her boutique demands relentless attention, and her relationship status remains a confusing puzzle. Courtney's cool and detached demeanor masks a deep-seated uncertainty about her future. Her interactions at The Social Club provide her with the much-needed space to reflect on her choices and seek clarity.

JacksonMale28-33 y.o.African-American

A high-end brand owner, Jackson is relentless in his pursuit of success and love. He is deeply in love with Courtney and is determined to make their relationship work despite the challenges. Jackson's ambition in the business world often clashes with Courtney's more laid back approach leading to both tension and growth as they navigate their complex relationship.

Parker (Must be able to sing)Female18-35 y.o.African-American Latino / Hispanic White / Caucasian

*Must be able to sing* Parker, a talented singer with a voice that can move mountains, is struggling to get her career off the ground. Her passion or music is unwavering, but the road to success is fought with obstacles. At the Social Club, Parker finds solace and encouragement among her friends, who support her dreams and provide the strenght she needs to keep pushing forward.

JamesMale18-34 y.o.African-American White / Caucasian

The comedic and lighthearted producer, he is always ready to joke and smile. Beneath his humorous exterior lies a fierce determination to succeed in the entertainment industry. His willingness to go to great lengths to achieve his goals often leads to hilarious and sometimes outrageous situations, adding a layer of comedic relief to the group's dynamic.

RoyMale21-35 y.o.African-American

An up-and-coming comedian, Roy is constantly searching for his big break. His sharp wit and relentless optimism make him a beloved friend. Roy's journey is one of persistence and resilience as he navigates the highs and lows of the comedy circuit, always ready to bring laughter and joy to those around him.