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Movie Role in Production of "Crow City"

Vancouver, BC, Canada
ID: 264210Exp: 7/14/2024

ONLY LOCAL TALENT WILL BE ACCEPTED. Casting actors to portray roles in "Crow City" film. More details are below. About the project: The Friends first moved to East Vancouver in the nineties, back when it was still an 'ethnic' neighborhood, as they attended university and favored themselves as 'bohemian' left-wing radicals. After graduating and starting their careers they stayed and built their lives here. As the years passed and they crept into the middle classes and middle age, they remained a tight group, or so they insisted, even calling themselves 'the east van crows', a reference to the Crow Highway that flies over the Drive each night. They declared that they were friends for life. Until one day a particularly beautiful house on a particularly desirable side-street was listed for sale, and each of them was determined that they would sacrifice anything to own it. Rate: Union (TBC). As an as-yet-unfunded indie film, directors are currently unable to be specific with compensation, but it is the intent to compensate the cast and crew appropriately. Additional information: AUDITION LOCATION TBD in Vancouver. SHOOT/PERFORMANCE DATE(S) Late Spring/Early Summer 2025. SHOOT/PERFORMANCE LOCATION(S) Various locations in East Vancouver. There are several intimate scenes in the film and we will consult with the cast and an intimacy coordinator to assure that everyone involved is comfortable and well respected. SUBMISSION DEADLINE July 14, 2024. Please, see the attachment. When applying, please submit a resume and and photo. Directors will contact you with sides and the location of the first read if they think you're a fit for one of the roles.

This casting call has expired.
Not accepting new submissions.
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9 roles

ChloeFemale46-49 y.o.All ethnicities

Chloe was raised in a conservative Chinese immigrant family and was told that because she was a girl that she would never be anything other than a housewife or a teacher, and she had spent her life fighting against that. In university she became involved in women's rights movements, particularly those in developing countries. She met Walter and eventually they married and had a daughter, Zhia.

JeromeMale46-49 y.o.All ethnicities

Jerome’s mother died when he was young and he was raised by his single father who preached hard work and self sacrifice. Jerome rebelled against this by embracing new age spirituality and self-focused hedonism. While studying to be a social worker in university he became involved in environmental causes and attended eco-rave protests.

RossiMale50-54 y.o.All ethnicities

Rossi was born to a wealthy mercantile family in Chile during the seventies, and was sent abroad to private schools for his education. He came to Canada to attend a university art school and cultivated a Bohemian painter persona. He met Jerome and became nominally involved in the Latin American anti-right wing political protest movement. After university he leveraged his artistic skills and his family money into a successful design company.

CassyFemale26-29 y.o.All ethnicities

Cassy moved to Vancouver from The prairies in her early twenties and began work as a bartender in the city's bar scene. She became bar manager at Infinite Juiced, a late night drinking hole where she received a lot of attention from male patrons. Over her twenties, after several bad experiences with men, she became more cautious about her romantic affairs, being disillusioned with men who only valued her for her sexuality.

MartinMale46-49 y.o.All ethnicities

Martin came out as gay when he was in university studying communication and cultural studies, and he soon became involved in AIDS-era advocacy work. He also started an academic journal concerned with issues of media criticism and cultural literacy and continued publishing it after he graduated and began teaching at the post secondary level.

GrantMale50-54 y.o.All ethnicities

ADDITIONAL CHARACTER. Grant was raised in a working class Ukrainian family and was the first to attend university. He has a strong social conscience and has made a modest career making social issues documentaries.

BruceMale35-39 y.o.All ethnicities

ADDITIONAL CHARACTER. Bruce was the oldest son of a conservative Catholic Philippine family. Excelling in his studies, he was sent to Canada to attend University and he came out as gay in during his studies, and then graduated in health care administration. He became a citizen and established a career in a large Vancouver hospital. Despite identifying as queer he was not interested in a liberal lifestyle, and longed for a more traditional family oriented lifestyle.

CocoMale26-29 y.o.All ethnicities

ADDITIONAL CHARACTER. Coco comes from a middle class family, and got into a party-girl lifestyle in college. She met Cassy when she got a job working at Infinite Juiced while still in school. She graduated with a degree in marketing and began working in the field, while still working at the bar to make extra money and for the lifestyle.

OlenaFemale36-39 y.o.All ethnicities

ADDITIONAL CHARACTER. Olena was born in Bulgaria just before the collapse of communism. Her family emigrated to Canada when she was young and she had a ‘typical’ Canadian upbringing, strongly internalizing western materialist values. She studied biochemistry in university and could have pursued a career in that field, but decided that she would struggle to make enough money. She got a real estate license and began practicing as an agent.